Holding the 3 Fastest Ducks for 2019!
First Prize-$10,000: Michael Leon--Sold by Dale Duskin
Second Prize-$5,000:  Arlington Community Food Bank
(Donated and Sold by Jennifer Rancourt)
Third Prize-$2,500:  Jodi Erickson--Sold by Cindy Huleatt

Rotary Projects are the Real Winners

As our only fundraiser, the Great Stilly Duck Dash allows us to benefit many projects and causes in our community.  An earlier story told of some of our projects.  To see that article, click HERE.
The gross amount of funds raised this year is $213,520.  This includes both a record in sponsorships, $127,500, and in ticket sales, $86,020.  For the first time we exceeded 20,000 tickets sold.    One of our ducks, Jola Barnett, sold the most tickets at $10,345.