Sponsorship Drive-See Photos Above!

Bryce Duskin - 2019 Duck Dash Chair


Bryce kicked off our annual fundraising event at our meeting on March 14.   Again this year Jola Barnett is chairing our quest for sponsors.


During our visioning in 2011, the club set the goal of raising over $100,000. To take it to that level recruiting business sponsors was seen as the key.  In 2015 we decided that sponsorships and ticket sales would bring in 50/50 profit with increase of 10% each year. Last year Bob Campbell decided to try to raise $100,000 from sponsors.  This year Bryce has set a goal to raise  $152,500.


To accomplish the new goal, this year we have changed the sponsorship levels.  We will no longer have the coupon sponsors. Instead of coupons on the tickets there will be a  schedule of events for the 4th of July. 


We will also no longer have t-shirt sponsors because there are so many sponsors we don't have room on the shirts. We now have a Community Supporter at the $500 level.  There is only 1 Platinum Sponsor at $10,000, Dwayne Lane Chevrolet, already pledged.  Our goal is to have 4 Gold Sponsors at $5,000,  25 Silver Sponsors at $2500, 50 Bronze sponsors at $1,000, and 20 Community Supporters.



New this year is that 50% of the money raised from sponsors will go toward scholarships.  Each scholarship has been increased to $5,000 from our current level of $2500, to go to at least one student each from Arlington, Darrington , and Weston High Schools, with an additional $5,000 for a student going to a trade school, for a total of $20,000.  The remaining of the funds allocated to scholarships will go to more students selected by the committee from any of the 3 high schools.  


The Duck Dash sponsorship form can be found under club documents on our website, as is an application form for scholarships.