2018 Sponsors Recognized

After sharing our mission statement that appears at the top of our webpage with those gathered for lunch, and after sharing some of our projects benefited by Duck Dash funds, Jola Barnett, our sponsorship chair, recognized all of our sponsors.  Below she, with the help of Jenie Jones, is presenting a certificate to a representative from Dwayne Lanes Chevrolet.
Seven years ago we started actively soliciting sponsors to cover our expenses so that every dollars of money spent on a tickets would be used for community projects.  Sponsorships have grown to over $102,000.  With our expenses more than covered, we are able to use the bulk of the funds generated for our projects as well.
This year the number of sponsors grew by 15 over 2017, for a total of 89 sponsors.  22 of those were brand new sponsors.
Dwayne Lane's Chevrolet has continued to be our only Platinum Sponsor.  With many previous sponsors moving up a level, we had 22 sponsors at the $2,000 Silver level and 34 at the Bronze level of $1,000. 
We had 18 T-Shirt sponsors and 12 Coupon sponsors. 
For all the photos of those sponsors who came to lunch to be recognized, go to the album.  Photos are also on the carousel near the top of our website.