Scott Dudley Addresses Our Club

                                                       Governor Scott Dudley
During his visit to our club on November 3, District 5050 Governor Scott Dudley met with our board to answer questions.
                                     Scott Meeting with Our Board
Following our lunch, Governor Scott spoke to our club after being introduced by Marc Baker AG for our area.
Scott and his wife live on Whidbey Island.  Rotary member since 2001.  Rotary International Service Above Self award recipient.  Scott manages an investment firm in Oak Harbor.
Served as the mayor of Oak Harbor 2012-2015.  Scott and Christine have five children, big Seahawks fan, and enjoys traveling.  Scott is a DJ, grandfather, and a great pitchman for district 5050 and Rotary.  Scott has done 21 marathons.
         Scott Dudley, District 5050 Governor 2016-17, with Wife Christine
In his address, Scott's theme was that there is a difference to being a member of Rotary and being a Rotarian.  It took Scott many years to actually become a "Rotarian".  Scott became a "Rotarian" after getting involved with the Rotary wheelchair project.
On trips to other countries to deliver the wheelchairs he got to see poverty and see the wheelchairs were a luxury item for the recipients.
Scott met a polio survivor who received a wheelchair.
He met a mother who had to carry her disabled five year old everywhere.  He received a wheelchair and it was as if they won the lottery.  When Scott came back he was changed.  He no longer had anything to complain about.  We are already truly blessed.
Scott was set to visit Haiti, however, due to political uprising he was unable.  During that free time he went to visit other clubs.  During one of his visits in Canada he met a woman whose husband needed a kidney.  Scott's grandmother died of polysystic kidney disease.  His aunt and uncle received kidneys because they had the same disease.
Scott volunteered to give a kidney.  It would have been an 8 to 10+ years wait to get a kidney.
There is a ripple effect after helping just one person.  Families are affected.  We are all put here to give back but give back in different ways.
Year to date only 28 cases of polio, down from 350,000 a year.  Polio will be eradicated by end of this year or beginning next year.
Rotary Foundation has been around 100 years.
Can we give more?  More to the Foundation, more to the service projects locally or abroad.  Ask friends and family to become members.
Let people know Rotary exists.
Scott assisted President Erik in recognizing a couple of our members for their work in our club.
Lyanne Rolf was acknowledged for her work with youth and youth services.  Through Lyanne's leadership we are not again participating Rotary Youth Exchange.  She has also been working to start an Interact Club at Arlington High School.
      Governor Scott Presents a Governor's Pin to Lyanne while President Erik Looked on
Carla Rankin Gastineau, who was not present, was also acknowledged for her contributions to club administration and all around support of our projects and firesides.  Erik will be presenting her pin at a later meeting.
Please join Scott and Christine May 4-7th at the District Conference in Seattle at the downtown waterfront Marriott hotel.  Pre-register for a chance to win a GoPro4.

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In closing, Scott had this to say: "You have a choice on what you choose to do with your time and you choose to spend it on Rotary.  You are part of something special.  You chose to belong to this club and it is a special club.  Thank you for all that you have done and all you will do in the future.  You do create ripple effects."