Oso Slide Memorial

Amy Lucas - Snohomish County Parks
Amy Lucas from Snohomish County Parks and Rec shared about the Oso Mudslide Monument Memorial. As many remember we lost 43 community members the day of the Oso slide and the devastation was like any other from a landslide in US history.
Many people came from all over to help in the recovery and rescue efforts. The county has memorialized the entrance to
Steelhead Dr. with a sign at the sight and there is a gate that has been created that will be used in the permanent memorial. The trees will also be put into the permanent memorial.
Why do we need a permanent memorial? To remember the victims, to answer questions, to provide a place for gathering and healing, to thank the first responders that helped. The design was created through meetings with victims family’s, people that lost homes, EMS workers and First Responders. They also hired an agency to help with the design.
What has been determined is that they would like the White Horse trail finished to provide ADA access to families. To provide a barricade , to replace the flagpoles with something that is more permanent, to provide representation of the community that was lost and to provide a gateway to the memorial area from not only the trail, but the highway.
The memorial will be broken into different pieces to allow people to experience the memorial in a way that allows them to have an interpretive experience and for it to be a linear experience. There will be two entrances, one on each end of the memorial with gateway arches to help people to know that they are entering into sacred spaces. There will be a bronze art piece, hopefully installed by the 5 year anniversary in March, of the mailboxes. The entrance will allow a quick overview of the area, where people can look and leave if they don’t want to walk the whole memorial.
The beginning will have a community gathering and remembrance space with a permanent shelter where families can gather and remember. There will be a beacon representing the people that passed away with a boulder and a quote. From there people will journey through to learn about the slide, what happened, and how the response happened. In the interpretive area they would like to have natural materials with the information carved into them.
Phase 2 of the memorial will have a boardwalk around the debris field allowing people to see what happened without actually going into the debris field. This area will explain how the land restores itself after destruction. Next there will be an area that memorializes the people that were lost and allows community to reach out on a personal level to remember those that were
lost. After this, there will be an area of decompression, allowing people to process what they
In order to make this memorial happen they need to raise the money. They have been at events this summer selling shirts, had an event at Rhodes River Ranch this summer and raised $30,000 and have been reaching out to other people. They are hoping to have a site blessing this year on the 5 year anniversary on March 22 and they are looking for volunteers to help install the barriers in April or May. They will continue to work with the media, local organizations and those in the area to help continue the outreach to help people know what is happening. They need not only monetary donations, but people to help get the word out and help find volunteers and materials to make the memorial happen.
On March 2, 2019 will be having a memorial gala at the Seattle Waterfront to raise money. They are looking for table captains, and donations for the dessert dash.