Peggy Ray and Community Resource Center

Peggy Ray -  Classification Talk. 
Peggy was born in Germany and was a military brat.  Her parents separated and she came homeless at 14 years old.  Her mother moved into a 55+ and older community.  She couch surfed and stayed in school because she loved school and cheer leading.  At 14 ½ Peggy tried to take her own life.  Peggy does what she does today to give people hope. 
Homeless that you see are not there because they wanted to be homeless.  They each have a story.  Peggy runs three family centers in north Snohomish County to help people that are less fortunate and homeless.  Drug use is not the only reason for homelessness.   A stranger saved Peggy’s life by telling her she matters.  Peggy decided she would stand up and be somebody.
Peggy started as a restaurant hostess when she was 16 and worked up to general manager.  Peggy did not go to college but fought every day for what she wanted to be.  She learned she had to believe in herself because no one else would.  After running a restaurant for 10 years, having three children, and as a single mother she worked for Green Cross. She is now remarried with  a blended family of seven kids and three grandchildren. 
She and her husband deploy after disasters.  She reported to Oso after the slide.  She is on the committee for the Oso memorial.  They have been to disasters in Haiti and Guatemala.  Peggy and her husband received Paul Harris awards for "service above self".  They do a lot with comfort dogs after disasters. 
Peggy runs three Community Resource Service centers and have housed 453 people in Arlington.  They have helped people with food, obtaining jobs, paying PUD bills, writing resumes.  Peggy urged us t0 not give homeless individuals money.  Please send people to the resource center if you know of anyone in need. 
They do not just hand things to the person in need, they sit with them and help them write resumes, help locate job openings, find showers/shelters/treatment.  No judgment.  They do not force them into treatment. 
“Normal is just a setting on a dryer”  according to Peggy, and this does not apply to people.  There is hope for people and what they are dealing with.  We can help them by giving them resources and showing them they matter. 
Peggy enjoys singing, trivia, and spending time with her kids and grandkids.
The center needs volunteers that are compassionate, not judgmental.  Call the center to schedule a flexible time to volunteer: 360-399-5452.   Peggy can do presentations for your company/church/group.  The center takes donations, clothing, furniture, food, etc.  Mental health help is also offered at the center.
The Point in Time (PIT) Count is coming up January 23.  Instead of going out to camps, the goal is to offer services that day that brings the homeless to a location where information will be gathered.  The locations are where homeless can come get a hot meal, free laundry, showers.  Looking for volunteers.  To sign up go to 
Needed items:  laundry soap, underwear/socks, quarters for laundry machines, ready to eat food, cases of water, warm blankets, warm socks, underwear etc.  Bring items to the Arlington Community Resource Center, 18308 Smokey Pt. Blvd (West end of Senior Center Classroom Bldg).