Eric Scott & Terra Vista NW

Eric Scott gave his classification talk at our September 13th meeting. 
Eric is the owner of Terra Vista NW.  Eric was born in Paradise, CA.  When Eric was a year old he got the flu.  Doctor prescribed medicine that almost killed him.  Anesthesiologist saved his life by getting an IV into him.  He was in the hospital for a week.  He was later attacked by family dogs numerous times.  His brother was also bitten by a family dog and needed reconstructive surgery. 
His parents were teachers.  The month of July they would spend on a sailboat in the San Juans.  Parents divorced when he was thirteen.  He has two step-brothers and one biological brother.  One brother manages a golf course, one is a firefighter/paramedic, and one is a bartender.
Eric went to Cal State – Chico.  Eric found a job after college working for a firm to develop flood maps for FEMA.  Eric worked in surveying for awhile.  He lived in Sacramento and felt California was getting old.  Remembering his time in the San Juans, he moved to Washington and took a job with a large engineering firm.  He worked on the Seattle Central Library, George Lucas’s private driveway, and the Experience Music Project. 
In 1998 a former college girlfriend called him, a year later they were married.  They have two daughters.   One loves robotics and will go to Skagit College and one loves art and has won awards for her art.  Eric’s wife teaches for Tulalip Tribes.
In 2010 at the peak of the recession the company he worked at downsized and he was laid off.  They moved to Arlington and Eric took the position as City Engineer for Arlington.  A few years back Eric started his own business, Terra Vista NW, Consulting Engineers. 
Clientele includes developers and municipalities.  He provides right of way improvements, drainage designs, parking lot design, etc. services.  Terra Vista NW can provide a more focused design with Eric acting as lead from the beginning to end.  Eric has 25 years of experience in civil engineer.  He works with clients directly to determine what the project needs.  This saves time for the clients. 
Eric enjoys working for himself and starting the firm.  The clientele is different than the Seattle clientele and really appreciate Eric’s help solving their project needs.
Eric got involved in Rotary because he wants to be involved with the community.  Eric was in Kiwanas for many years but wanted to be around business people.  He heard the Arlington Rotary Club was a fun group and decided to check it out.  He enjoys being part of the community and the people in Rotary.