Everything Comes in Threes for

Jessica Martin!

Jessica Martin
All of Jessica’s Life all things have come in 3.  She has 3 children and 3 dogs, but only 1 amazing husband. 
Jessica has 3 driving values that she lives life by Integrity, Humility and generosity.  Building relationships and people are important to Jessica.  Jessica has 3 businesses, Thrivent Financial in Smokey Point, Rabbits Pantry and Professional Networking Women. 
Thrivent Financial is all about Generosity.  It is a fortune 500 company that is a not for profit that is owned by the members like a credit union.  Since 2012 it has been voted the most ethical company in their category.  Thrivent financial offers life insurance, disability income insurance, college savings and other such benefits.  It is a fraternal benefit company where the members decide where the money goes when it comes back into the company.  Thrivent has action teams and that provides a way that members are able to have events to raise money for non- profits. This year they are sponsoring Relay for Life. Rotary is eligible for Thrivent choice dollars. 
Professional Networking Women is the non-profit that Jessica runs.  It is about women that have professional careers and they meet together for mixers and other networking groups for professional women.  They are able to link up with mentors and do good things in the community. 
Rabbits Pantry is Jessica’s other company.  It is a tea company that keeps going.  They have over 50 different teas that she makes herself and her daughter helps.  They are all organic and GMO.  They have zodiac teas, remedy teas and teas that just taste good.  Many of the herbal teas taste great, but are really made for de-stressing and relaxing.  Their goal is to have a tea house and a rabbits' den in the back.
Jessica's Three Busnesses
Jessica’s family was in the military.  She was born in Oak Harbor and now lives in Silvana.  Her husband Mike is from Tacoma and is an analyst with the Boeing Company.
All three of Jessica's businesses has a website.  It is a good way to order tea.  Here are links: