Our Holiday Christmas Party

Members and their guests gathered at the Angel of the Winds Resort for our annual party.  The resort was very festive for the holidays, and the room where we had our party was no exception.  We had a delightful buffet dinner!
President Paul gave us a summary of our activities for the first half of his Rotary year including our many service projects and social events.  There are photos above of the event, including photos of the two Paul Harris Fellowship recognitions:  George McCone was recognized by the club for his many volunteer hours.  Carla recognized Vickie Campbell for her support of the Duck Dash committee following Bob's illness and the support she gave to her after she too was diagnosed with sepsis.
A highlight of the evening was an inspiration message by Bob Campbell.  Bob has been recovering from an event that started on Thanksgiving eve of 2017.  He was admitted into the hospital with a diagnosis of sepsis.  His recovery and treatment has included amputating a major portion of both feet. 
Although his status is still non-weight bearing, he was given permission to stand for a short period of time to address us at our party.  It is expected that around Christmas he will be given permission to do more standing that will lead to his walking with specially designed prosthesis for the portions of his missing feet.
Bob told the group that there were three reasons that he and Vickie came back to Arlington to live following his retirement from a job in Eastern Washington:  Their church, their friends and Rotary.  He thanked all of those members and their families who supported them with prayer and who stepped in to help them in so many ways.
Bob surprised us at our party when, with the help of a walking stick, President Paul, and Vickie, he was able to stand to deliver his message that included the history of Rotary's Four-Way Test.
Bob Campbell
In 1932, Herbert John Taylor, was the owner of a struggling cookware company.  He decided to work on putting into words a list of ethical considerations for his company and his employees to live by to differentiate his company from his competitors.
He came up with the four principles after he tested and applied various options to the things he did each day in running his company and dealing with employees and with customers.  His goal was a short code that the 250 workers in his company could easily memorize and apply.  He credited the code with helping him rescue his business by turning his company into one guided by integrity. 
Taylor became the 44th president of Rotary International.  In 1943 The Four-way Test of the things we think, say and do was adopted as one of Rotary's guiding principles.  Our club, as does many clubs, starts each meeting with the recitation of these guiding principles.
Bob's recovery and his words are an inspiration to us all!