North Snohomish County Outreach is a program  that allows people to come in, do laundry and have a meal available to the homeless in our community. Their goal is to partner with Laundry mats and service providers. At this time they run laundry time in Smokey Point at Suds and Duds on Tuesday nights at 6:30. 
It's Executive Director, Sarah Higginbotham, was our program on August 9.  She also was one of the winners of our Duck Dash and she announced that she used the money to buy shirts for the volunteers.
Sarah Higginbotham in her new shirt!
Thanksgiving 2016 was when the project began as a ministry outreach of LifeChurch 360 when people would take the guest laundry and wash their clothes during the service and bring them back.  Then Sarah read when Helping Hurts and changed the focus of their ministry to them doing their laundry, but North  Snohomish County Outreach would help pay for the laundry and provide a meal.  In 2017 they started advertising during the PIIT Count and began to see the many invisible homeless that exist in our area.
In Fall of 2017 they started visiting people in jail and seeing their transitions and needs.  Last week they had their highest , guest attendance of 45 and 10 new guests.  They started having people fill out forms with expectations to understand their services are a privilege and these also help them to track people and who they are serving. 
In September of this year they will start serving not just Smokey Point, but downtown Arlington.  They have found that people in downtown Arlington have a different drug of choice.  Alcohol is their drug of choice.  They also have a shower trailer and are working with the City to start that with laundry and meal services. They are also in discussion with Granite Falls, Marysville and Stanwood to reach out into those areas. 
Also working with other services to have them at their laundry times to help have resources available during laundry times.  They work with the Community resource center, Community Health, Mercy watch, Immaculate Conception, Life Church360 and Stick it or Stuff it. 
They are always in need of socks, used clothing, people to help serve meals and share that these resources are available. 
Most of the people that they work with are in need of someone to see them as a human being.  Believing that everybody is somebody is key to what North Snohomish County Outreach does.  They allow people to have a place to be known to feel human again and take care of the things that they have. 
Funding, right now is from self-funding and individuals that give to help. To see how to volunteer check out its Face Book site: Click Here