500 Trees and Shrubs Planted

First Ever Area J Joint Project Successful

To meet R.I. President Riseley's challenge to plant one tree for each member of each Rotary Club by Earth Day on April 22, the five clubs in District Area 5050, did more than their part, with a day to spare. Current total membership of the five clubs is 215.
We did have some help from other groups.  Both the Snohomish and County Rotaract Clubs were represented, with 2 from Snohomish County and 3 from Skagit County. 
Libby Baker on Left with Rachel Preston, President of Rotaract Club of Snohomish County
Stanwood and Arlington Interact Club members also helped with 4 and 3 members respectively.  Two Cub Packs had members who helped plant as well. 
Lyanne With AHS Interactors
As the largest club in Area J, Arlington had 18 Rotarians, 4 adult guests, and 7 minors planting trees.  Included in the total is our great barbeque team of Ryan, Carla and Paul.  
Although it rained Friday night and was threatening Saturday morning, it stayed dry for the event, with even some sun breaks.  Jason Anderson was the only tribal representative present.  He opened with planting instructions and gave demonstrations and helped in the field.  Species planted included fir, hemlock, cedar, cottonwood, alder, vine maple, and other native species.
Jason Giving Instructions
With the smell of barbequed hamburgers penetrating the 50 acre site, the crew made quick work of planting the 500 trees and shrubs.  All were planted by about 11:30 AM.  
Our club furnished the meat and buns, and the tribe provided drinks, chips and energy bars. 
In addition to all the 500 trees and shrubs, the tribe also provided shovels and gloves for those who did not bring them.  
The site of the planting is 50 acres east of Arlington on conservation land owned by the Stillaguamish Tribe.  It was once a farm along the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River.  A mobile home had been removed from the site.
Trees had been previously planted and many did not survive.  The trees we planted were to replace those that had died.  Hopefully we will have a better survival rate.