Election of Officers & Directors 2019-20

As is required by our bylaws, our annual meeting for the election of officers and directors is done in December.  On December 6, we held our required annual meeting.
The chair of the nominating committee, Past President Jola, announced the following nominees to join the two officers previously elected, i.e. Simona DeVries-President 2019-20 and Bryce Duskin-President Elect (President 2020-21):
  • President Elect Nominee/Vice President:     Devin Brossard (President 2021-22)
  • Secretary:                                                            Jennifer Holocker
  • Treasurer:                                                           Cindy Huleatt
There was a motion to close nominations and to elect the three new officers by voice vote-Motion Passed.

Presidential Succession

Simona DeVries
Our President 2019-20
Bryce Duskin
Our President 2020-21
Devin Brossard
Our President 2021-22
President Elect, Simona DeVries nominated the following individuals to serve as Directors:
  • Foundation:                 Kathy McCone
  • Membership:               Tony Warner
  • Public Relations:          A. J. Chase
  • Club Administration:  Carla Gastineau
  • Youth Services:            Lyanne Rolf
  • Community Funding:  Al Erickson
  • Projects/Service:          Jim Kelly
There was a motion to close nominations and to elect the seven new Directors by voice vote-Motion Passed.
Congratulations to all the new officers and directors joining Simona and Bryce on our Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors at its first meeting of the new Rotary year in January will elect Associate Directors.