Past Honored and New Board Installed

We held our annual changing of the guard or transition banquet at the Angel of the Winds Casino and Resort on June 7.  Officially the change of leadership changes on July 1.  Typically we celebrate early because of our heavy involvement with our July 4 fundraiser.
It was a new venue for us to hold such an event and one of the first to be held in the new banquet/conference room at the resort.  All of the arrangements were made by our Club Administration Director, Carla Gastineau, who had the room well decorated, with roses on each of the tables, and with our District Governor, Lindagene Coyle, doing the installation honors.
Outgoing President Jola Barnett presided over the evening.  Many of the year's highlights were shown in a wonderful slide presentation.  The new venue is fully equipped with large video screens and a sound system.
Jola recognized her outgoing team with words of praise and gifts.  Some of the board members are returning next year, but some, like Secretary Robin Reinig, Past President Erik Granroth, and Membership Director Mike Britt are retiring from the board.
Jola with Robin on the Top and with Mike on the Bottom
(Erik Granroth was unable to attend)
Others serving this year and who were present to be recognized (see photo album), were officers Simona DeVries -Vice President, and Paul Ellis - President Elect (both whom are moving up).  Not present was Pamela Beaton, our treasurer, who will continue to serve. Directors who were recognized and who are continuing are Kathy McCone -Foundation, Jessica Ronhaar -Public Relations, Carla Gastineau -Club Administration, and Lyanne Rolf -Youth Services.
Jola also recognized our program co-chairs, Fitz Couhig and Simona DeVries, as well as Paul Abramowicz, our computer expert, who has kept the power points flowing and who each week sets up the rostrum area for our meetings. 
Kathy McCone and Ryan Berg, our Foundation Director and Associate Director, were called upon by President Jola to present Paul Harris Awards.  See separate story and photo album.


Our District Governor, and special guest, Lindagene Coyle installed the officers and directors for the year starting July 1.
Rotary District 5050 Governor - Lindagene Coyle

After some very complimentary words from the District Governor as to our club's accomplishments, including earning the presidential citation, the first officer to be installed was next year's president Paul Ellis.


Top, D.G. Lindagene Installing Paul, and on the Bottom, Paul Inspiring Us

Before installing the rest of the officers and directors, Paul, taking off of R.I. President Elect Barry Rassin's theme for 2018-19, BE THE INSPIRATION, told us how inspired he has become because of the things our club has accomplished.  He outlined the history of our playground project at Haller Park and the funds we raised and the partnerships we formed to have the splash pad phase funded and hopefully finished during his term as president.

With Paul standing by, D.G. Lindagene installed the rest of the officers and directors who were present.


Partially hidden on the left by roses, Past President Jola.  Then from left to right, Jim Kelly -Service, Simona DeVries -President Elect, Bryce Duskin - Vice President, Kathy McCone -Foundation, Carla Gastineau -Club Administration, Jessica Ronhaar -Public Relations, and Lyanne Rolf -Youth Services.  Next year's officers not present are Jennifer Holocker -Secretary  and Pamela Beaton -Treasurer.  Next year's Membership Director, Cindy Huleatt.

It wouldn't be a transition without the presentation of the President's and Past President's pins.


On the Top Paul is pinned by President Jola, who on the Bottom is pinned by Paul

President Jola's year is not quite over.  She will preside over her last board meeting on June 13, and 3 more meetings in June.  Paul's first club meeting will be an informal one on July 5, probably at Skookum Brewery, to go over the initial results of Duck Dash 2018.