Darrington Music Program

After we recognized a couple of the winners at our July 19 meeting, and watched a video that Al Erickson took of the Duck Dash with his drone, President Paul introduced Laura Goheen, the music teacher for the Darrington School District to tell us how funding from our club benefited the program.

Laura Goheen

Laura lives in Arlington with her family.  She taught in Darrington as a school teacher for a few years and then the slide happened.  The district brought back the music program after the slide as a therapy for the children.  Because the Arlington Rotary Foundation had funds that were contributed to help slide recovery, it funded some new instruments and helped fund other parts of the program.

Laura began teaching the music program.  The kids hadn’t had a music program since 2014.  The program has grown that now they need another music teacher.  They couldn’t have grown the program without the investment of the community and the grants received.  There is now a drum line, Congo drums, 50 ukuleles, electric keyboards, etc.  The kids are excited to come to music.  

Our board approved additional funding for the music program in Darrington at its last meeting.