Classification Talk: Adina Palinsky
 Adina is the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Sherwin Williams.  She was previously with Rite-Aid before taking this new position. 
Adina was born in 1991 at JBLM.  Both her parents were military.  1993-1996 she lived in Fort Huachuka, AZ.  She has been in Washington permanently since 1999.
Adina’s grandparents live in Oregon on a farm.  She would spend a lot of time with the animals on the farm.  Adina's grandpa was in the Marine Corp and Army. 
Adina went to a private Christian academy growing up. Adina’s mother is her role model and inspiration.  She served 28 years in the Army and recently retired.  She received her bachelor’s degree from OSU.   Adina’s father served in the Army for four years.  He received two master’s degrees and a bachelor degree.
Adina’s father was deployed to do security surveillance and under cover missions.  He obtained bazookas and missiles that were being smuggled illegally.  He was in charge of missions to set off IEDs.  May 3, 2006 he was killed by a roadside bomb.  He saved a convoy of soldiers.
Adina has one brother.  He is Adina’s best friend.  He goes to school at OSU to learn physical therapy.  He cheerleads for the Portland Trail Blazers. Adina’s other best friend is her dog, Tiger.  She enjoys hiking with her dog.
Adina was involved in numerous sports growing up.  She hurt her ankle in softball and now has a plate and seven screws.  Two surgeries and nine months later she could walk without crutches.  She tried to get into the military but due to health issues she was not able to get the position she wanted.
Adina went to Pierce College and received two AAs in Criminal Justice and Liberal Arts.  She is certified in corrections.  She received her bachelor’s in interdisciplinary education at CWU.  She wanted to pursue a law degree but she received a district manager position.  Adina was with Rite-Aid for three years to investigate loss caused by associates.  She learned techniques to determine deceptiveness.
70% of associates will steal if they have the opportunity, 20% won’t steal, 10% will always steal.
She is now the regional manager with Sherwin Williams.  She covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska.   Sherwin Williams is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.   She is doing strictly investigations now and can do covert operations/investigations.
She would like to be a divisional director for Sherwin Williams in the next three years.