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We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
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January 24 Meeting
Meeting started at 7:15. Don led the singing of "O Canada" and Al gave the invocation.
Pat opened with a brief overview of the agenda. Members approved the  commencement of the Executive Meeting.
Members approved a motion to allow all members to provide their input and vote at the meeting.
President's report:
1. There was a proposal to have a presentation on "proportional representation in BC" from an outside group.  Members voted in favor of inviting the group to a future meeting.
2. A discussion on our club participating in advertising in a new publication "What's On - White Rock".  Pros and cons were discussed.  A motion to "Not support the advertising in the publication" was deferred to a future meeting.  Pat will investigate this at the 5 Club Presidents meeting and report back.
3.  Discussion on Global Grant.  Pat and Jerry attended the seminar.  Deirdre updated the Cambodian Orphanage status.  Communications with the Rotary club in Cambodia continues.  Jeff indicated that there are sufficient funds ($13,000) to provide for the clubs contribution to the Grant.  
Publicity report:
Joanne continues to work with Peace Arch News.
Deirdre suggested the members drop the monthly "Rotary Canada" newsletter to Dr's offices.  Stickers to attach to the front of the publication will be provided.
No report
We will likely need to move temporarily to a new location for our meetings while the Pacific Inn is being renovated.
On Feb 8 there is a 5 club social "Passport to Fun" being held at the Rotary Fieldhouse starting at 6 PM. Tickets are $25 each.
Pat described the Rotary's Avenues of Service.
Sophie's Place continues to work with PADS to have a dog placement.
Urban Impact update.  Pat will work with Renee to define the nature of the relationship between our Club and Urban Impact with regards to the funds raised at the ShredIt event. 
Members agreed that the incoming president (Jerry) will provide a listing of items that have been agreed on in 2017/18 by the executive.  These items will be carried over to the new year 2018/19 as necessary.
There was a discussion on the Container programme located at Riverview.  A follow up will be provided.
The incoming president will be sending out an email to all members asking for them to indicate their interest in executive positions for the upcoming year.
Don reminded members of Save On card program.
January 10 Meeting
Meeting commenced at 7:15 AM.  Scott led the singing of "O Canada".  Peter gave the invocation for the day.
Pat reported on the following:
1. Gave Rotary pins to Jerry as President Elect and to Scott as Sergeant at Arms.  Congratulations to both of them
2. Also gave a special Rotary pin to Scott in recognition of his support of the Rotary Foundation.  Congratulations Scott.
3. Thanked all of the members who set up and were involved with making the Christmas Party a success.
4. The Rotary Grant seminar is taking place Jan 20th at the Rotary fieldhouse from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Pat and Jerry are registered - other members are invited to attend. Both district and global grants will be discussed at this seminar.
5.  A 5 club mixer will be held on February 8 at the Rotary fieldhouse from 6:30 to 10 PM.  Cost is $25 per person, with a cash bar.  Deirdre has tickets if you are interested in attending.
Alan, Deirdre and Chip reported on the Polar Bear Swim.  4,000 people watched over 500 swimmers go into the water.  Brian and Chip went in along with members of Brian's family.
Scott was the Sergeant at Arms and collected from all in attendance.
Next weeks meeting, January 17, will be our social.  Booking at Cosmos restaurant 14871 Marine Drive will be made.  Members will be notified by email with details.
Executive meeting for January 17 is rescheduled - date to be confirmed.
Jerry presented to members details on his recent trip to Ethiopia.  
Welcome back 
Welcome back to all members.  Hope your holiday season was a happy one.
Welcome  back to a new year of Rotary events, socials, community and international activities.
NOTE:  We are now meeting in the room off the lounge (back left corner of Pacific Inn main floor).  
Also, we meet at 7:00 AM with meeting to commence sharp at 7:15.
November 22 Speaker
Scott led the singing of "O Canada" and Deirdre gave the invocation with an Irish twist.
Pat introduced Mary Brunet who is our guest speaker.
Rick introduced Rhonda Latreille, a friend of his, who is interested in potentially joining our club. Welcome to Rhonda
November 29 meeting will be held at the 2320 King George Hwy starting at 7:15 AM.  Rick offered to bring coffee, muffins, fruit and juice.  Thanks for that Rick.
Pat attended the Rotary Foundation Dinner on November 18 at Newlands.  Pat provided an overview of the history of the Foundation.  To date 3 Billion dollars US had been raised.  Focus has been on the world wide eradication of Polio, a goal which has almost been achieved.  November is Rotary Foundation month.  Membership approved at $26.50 US donation from each club member to the Foundation.  Additional donations by individual members are welcome.
Don continues to bring Save On Foods gift cards for purchase by members.  Salvation Army needs volunteers to man the christmas kettles do Don circulated a sign up sheet.  Please contact Don if you are available to assist.
There was a discussion about the club's sponsorship of students from the Learning Centre to attend
1) Adventures in Leadership - costs $300 per student 
2) Adventures in Citizenship Ottawa - costs $698 per student to register plus airfare and spending money.
Membership voted to support two (2) students for the Adventures in Leadership, with a stipulation that the Learning Centre ensure that an alternate student is chosen in the event that the first chosen student is not able to attend.
Membership voted NOT to support the Ottawa Adventures in Citizenship program.
Sip N Savor made $41,000.  Based upon a 50/50 split $20,500 is available to Rotary.  Then 60%, $12,300  of that goes to Hospice and 40%, $8,200 to the two Rotary clubs.  The South Surrey club gets 25% of that so our share is $2,050.  Appreciation again expressed to all those involved in this event.
Scott returned with guns a blazing as Sergeant at Arms.  
Rick introduced our guest speaker, Mary Brunet who delivered an interesting presentation on Sassy Awards.
Mary mentioned that the scheduled speaker, Allan Baedak, was out of the country.
The website to obtain more information is 
Next years award program is on May 17, Surrey City Hall.
Mary asked our club to consider becoming an award sponsor, costing $1,750.  Executive will discuss this at their next meeting.
Peter thanked Mary.
November 15 Social
Social at Washington Avenue Grill - Thanks for all those who attended.
November 8 Meeting
Scribe 8 Nov 2017
This was a business meeting.  Joanne was present.  Jeff came earlier than usual.  Others present were Pat, Peter, Don and Brian.  There was no invocation due to absence of Carlos.  Don asked if Carlos was still ill and in turn was asked if he had contacted Carlos, which he had not.
ROTARY MINUTE was Jeff’s job and he half did it, talking about the Peace Arch Journal and saying that this is the last issue for the present editor.  He also said that this is Foundation month and that the fee to join Every Rotarian Every Year is now $26.50 U.S.
Brian stated that the Rotary Foundation was not in the top 25 out of 86000 charities according to a recent Financial Post list on Google.  He asked who should be contacted and by whom.  The District Governor was mentioned as a contact.  The Financial Post was also mentioned but no one was assigned to make the contact.
Pat mentioned the foundation dinner and our intention to provide a gift basket.  Roberta was again stated to have this responsibility.  Pat is meeting with Janice Smith, the new Preincipal, and teacher Susan Martin on November 22.  Among other things he will cover Adventures in Citizenship and the Camp Alexandra programs.
Brian talked about difficulties with contacting the Rotary Club in Batambang.
Jeff said Ready, Steady, Go did very well clearing over $4100.  There was discussion over the length of time to get a gaming licence, the happiness of the Legion and the difficulties with one government official.  The Legion’s liquor licence needs to be protected.
A brochure from Prince George re Adventures in Forestry was mentioned.  A decision on Prince George and Ottawa Adventures was tabled.  We do have the money for both.  A money back guarantee is desired before committing funds.
Our next shredding event with Urban Impact is June 9.  We still may partner with Office Depot also.
The Fab Four may be available again next year.  Dierdre is to follow up.  Meanwhile they will perform with another band at Queen Elizabeth Theater which makes the Crescent Beach Legion seem small.
The District 5050 conference cruise is filling up fast.  Anyone wishing to attend had better register soon.
Adjournment was 5 minutes early.  
November 1 Meeting
Notes from Meeting
Don led the singing of "O Canada" and also provided the invocation.
The Rotary Minute from Jerry focused on the Addis Ababa Club in Ethiopia. The club has about 30 members and was formed in 1993.  Recently  they raised funds to purchase a Fire Engine for a remoter community.  As well, there are 3 Rotaract clubs actively involved with the Rotary there.  Supported as well by the Orthodox Church.
Pat congratulated all that were involved with the Ready, Steady, GO night on Saturday Oct 28.  In particular, Deirdre and Roberta's contributions were noted.  The event raised close to $4,000 after expenses.  GREAT WORK.
The Foundation Dinner is on November 18 at Newlands. Cost is $85 per person.  The Rotary website has the details.
Rick proposed the Hereon Chinese Restaurant located 1711 152 Street for the November 15 social.
The club will need to decide on the level of sponsorship that we will give to the Learning Center to
(1) send students to Adventures in Leadership at Camp Alexander ($310 per student) 
(2) send students to Ottawa for Youth Adventures in Citizenship ($1,000 per student)
Jeff will provide a review of our funds available to support these at the December 8 meeting.
After a brief discussion regarding Carlos membership, Don agreed to meet with Carlos to clarify the issue.  
Don reminded members about the availability of Save On Food cards.
Pat suggested that the club should further our plans to have a get together inviting previous and honorary members, at no cost to these people.  The goal is to work on increasing membership in our club.
Pat closed by proposing Jerry Zdril as the next club president.
October 26 Meeting
Meeting started at 7:20 AM
Don led the group in the singing of "O Canada".  Carlos gave the invovation.
Peter introduced Bill Jones (a former Rotarian) as quest and speaker.
Pat provided a summary of the Sip and Savor event on October 21.  He suggested that it was a successful event but asked for input from members that attended.  There are Save On Food cards available as usual.
Renee is responsible for recording volunteer hours.  Any activity outside of regular meeting that is related to Rotary is to be reported.  She asked for members to send their hours for the July to September time frame.  
There will be a meeting at the South Surrey Learning Center.  $310 per student to attend Camp Alexander and $1,000 per student to attend a citizenship conference in Ottawa.  More details to follow
Pat reminded members of the Rotary Foundation Dinner on November 18.  An email has been sent to all members.  
A new Rotaract club is being established in the White Rock district.
The Christmas Social will be held on December 13 at Renee's common room.  It will be catered.
Ready, Steady, Go ticket sales reached the 90 level with more sales expected.  A raffle will be held instead of the 50/50 tickets with a number of donated items being offered.
Bill Jones provided a very interesting presentation on Cape Breton in the Fall.  He particularly emphasized the Celtic Colors Festival on Oct 3 to 13, 2018.   Information on Louisberg, Baddeck and Miners Museum was provided.
Sept 6 Meeting
September 6 Meeting Notes
Scott led members in singing of "O Canada". Rick provided invocation.  Pat introduced a guest, Alan Benicke,
Pat will ensure that a membership application for Carlos is completed.  An invitation will be sent to Bill Lambert, who was a guest at our last meeting, to attend the September 13 meeting where our District Governor will be in attendance.
Discussion on ideas to replace the 5 Club night at the races.  Various ideas will be investigated.
Reminder of the Sept 26 tour to the DeltaPort facility.  Leaving from the fieldhouse at 6:30 PM. Cost is $15 per person.
Rotary Facilitation Workshop is being held on September 16.  Please contact Pat if you are interested in attending.
The September 20 club social will be held at the S and L Restaurant. Rick to confirm details.
It was suggested that the posters for the Oct 28 "Ready, Steady, Go" event at the Crescent Beach Legion should be prepared soon as we will be competing with Halloween that night.
NOTE: If any club members have pictures of the club and club activities from prior years, please provide them to Pat.
Sergeant at Arms collected from Jerry, Peter, Alan, Rick, Don, Roberta and Jeff.
Sept 13 Meeting
Scribe Sept. 13
This was the official D.G. visit
Rick Singh talked about types of Rotary clubs – brick and mortar vs. E clubs and the combination.  He told of a club that films its meetings and has a growing number of people on line.
Pat Hahn introduced Lindagene Coyle, Emery Dosdall, Bob Gray and wife Helen, and Carlos Galvez and wife Angelina.
By Lindagene Coyle.
Pat told us that Carlos is from San Salvador.   He came to Vancouver in 1968.  He was sent to Dawson Creek for 2 years by the Salvation Army.  He is now stationed in White Rock.  He and Angelina have 3 children the youngest of whom is 21.
Linda told Carlos and the audience that Rotary has numerous programs for learning about Rotary and presented Carlos with the new member package.  Carlos now has 2 pins as he was a Rotarian before.
Lindagene showed a short video promoting the District Conference which will be held this year on a cruise ship, the Eurodam, out of and returning to Seattle with stops in Victoria and Vancouver.  The dates are May 8 to 12.  So far 50 0f 57 clubs are represented.
She also hopes to see up to 50 clubs from District 5050 receive the Presidential Citation (normal is 3 to 5 clubs).
Emery Dosdall introduced Lindagene.  She has 15 years in Rotary.
Lindagene asked why there are D.G. visits and answered that some members would never meet the D.G.  She also gets to know clubs and their members.  She then spoke of International President, Jim Risely’s theme “Rotary Making a Difference” which speaks to the general public as well as to Rotarians.  She spoke of key areas of which the first is membership.  Others are the Rotary Foundation (EREY), Leadership Development, Youth, Public Image, The Rotary Brand, and Keeping Informed.  She repeated the importance of the District Conference, the presidential Peace Conference and the International Conference.    
August 30 Meeting
August 30 Meeting Notes
Scott led the members in singing of "O Canada" at 7:15 AM.
Roberta delivered the invocation.  Pat introduced a guest, Bill Lambert, who is considering joining a Rotary Club.
Bill then provided us with a brief overview of his history and background.  His golfing interest stimulated good discussion.
Pat then invited each club member to offer a brief summary of their background.
Pat summarized the club's:
(1) participation in and support of an orphanage in Cambodia.  He explained the clubs pursuit of a Global Grant and matching Canadian government funding.
(2) funding of a PADS trauma dog for Sophie's Place (which provides support to abused children)
(3) support to South Surrey Learning Center which provides an alternative educational opportunity for teens.
Upcoming Events
Oct 21 - Sip and Savor at White Rock Community Center.  Funds raised from this event goes to Shine the Light organization, White Rock Hospice Society and to Rotary club projects.
Oct 28 - Fab Four 60's and 70's Revue at Crescent Beach Legion.  Roberta will coordinate the production and distribution of tickets for this event.
Sergeant at Arms Scott collected from Rick, Pat, Jerry, Peter, Rick and Scott himself.  Thanks to all for their donations.
(1) Peach Arch News is asking for content for the next Rotary article which will focus on Education and Literacy.  Our support to the Learning Center should be provided to PAN.
(2) A presentation on Membership is scheduled for September 26 at Rotary Fieldhouse.
(3) The Peninsula Club is offering a tour of the DeltaPort facility on September 26.  Tickets are $15 each.
(4) Rick will contact Renee to investigate Urban Impacts willingness to provide another shredding event for the club.
(5) Secretary to promote Sip and Savor event with Facebook posting and email to everyone on the clubs distribution list.
A letter from Sources that thanked the club for its ongoing donations was read by Pat.  Keri from Sources arrived with Save On Food cards that were purchased by members.  A heartfelt thanks for our support of that program was given by Keri.
Next Meeting September 6 - A Guest Speaker will attend
August 23 Meeting
August 23 Meeting
Meeting commenced at 7:19 AM.  Scott led the singing of "O Canada", Renee gave the invocation.  Our guest, Jennifer Brandon, was introduced by Pat.  Rick provided the Rotary Minute with comments from the President of Rotary International.  Background on the diversity and friendliness of attendees at the 2017 convention in Atlanta as well as information on the site of the 2018 convention in Toronto was given.  A suggestion that our club members consider attending the 2018 convention was made.
Thanks from all members to Deirdre and Brian (Snowbirds on the 16th) , Scott and Ramona (BBQ on the 19th)  for opening up their homes for club members and guests.  Much appreciated.
Executive Meeting on August 16 information.
Jeff reported on club finances. Total funds available, including $3,100 from the Irish Club musical performance brings total to $17,270. Total funds reserved from projects and donations is $11,678. Remaining club funds will be $5,592 which is there to look after club expenses with possibly some built up reserve that could be allocated to projects if necessary
We likely will have sufficient funds to provide the $13,000 upfront requirement for the potential Global Grant for the Cambodia project. Reported that Global Grant for Cambodia is being worked,  a requirement is that there needs to be a Rotary club involved in the country of project. A contact to be made with Cambodian club.  With matching money from Global Grant and Canadian Government, the amount available for orphanage is $60,000.   Great work by all.
Don acknowledged the 3 students from the orphanage that are being funded and sponsored by individual club members.
Fabulous Four concert at Legion October 28. Deposit on venue has been paid; need to organize tickets and promotion; expect to net $2,500 to $3,000 for Cambodia project; require gaming license for 50/50 draw - Jeff is working on this.
Sip and Savor event  on October 21 at White Rock Community Center.  Roberta and Pat to canvass Marine Drive restaurants for donations.
Rick working on next Shred It event.
Don discussed the SaveOn Foods food cards that provide 17% of card value to White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank. He will be bringing cards for members to purchase to each meeting.   Please support.
Pat mentioned the Tuesday September 26 Membership Presentation.   
Scott did his usual stellar job as Sergeant at Arms.   He introduced our guest speaker, Jennifer Brandon from the White Rock BIA.
Website is 
Guest Speaker
Jennifer provided some details on her background.  BIA is divided into 4 districts (Uptown, Five Corners, West Beach and East Beach).  Board is  comprised of 7 Members. Funding for the BIA is through levees from commercial taxes on the businesses in White Rock that participate in the BIA.
Jennifer provided a brief overview of the following BIA areas of interest:
1. Business Development; 2. Communications; 3. Beautification and Enhancement (banners, graffiti removal, planters);  4. Marketing, Advertising, Promotion; 5. Member Services; 6. Community Relations and Advocacy (ie: Task force on White Rock waterfront); 7. Sponsorships and Support; 8. Festivals and Events. 
She ended her presentation with a video on the free summer Concerts on the Pier.
Jeff thanked Jennifer for her presentation.
Next meeting August 30
August 16 and 19
August 16 - Club Social at Brian and Deirdre's to watch the Snowbirds.
August 19 - BBQ at Scott and Ramona's house.
Thanks to both couples for hosting these events
August 9

No meeting held this week

August 16th is our club social, which will be held at 15289 Royal Avenue.

The Snowbirds are coming to White Rock in support of the C.H.I.L.D. foundation.

Performance starts at 5.45 pm sharp.

Come at 5:00 PM – please bring an appetizer or food to share.

Aug 2 Meeting
Scribe Aug 2, 2017
Better turnout including two guests, Jasmine from Japan and Carlos from Salvation Army.
Invocation was by Carlos and introduction by Don Boyce.
Aug 18 – 22 White Rock Club Book Sale
Sept 23 and Mar 10 Rotary Leadership Institutes in Mount Vernon and Surrey.
Oct 21 Sip and Savour
Oct 28 Tentative the Fab Four at Crescent Beach Legion.
Urban Impact may not be available in October.  Rick Singh volunteered to help Renee (not present) to find another shredder.
Pat explained that our club is raising funds for an orphanage in Battambang, Cambodia.
A new coordinator is required for Save-on Gift Cards.  Main duty is to remind people.  Pat will put out notice of places to buy cards including: Courtesy Cleaners, White Rock Travel, Bell’s Cafe, Sources at South Surrey Athletic Center and Chamber of Commerce Office.
Al Benson has new phone numbers.
Joanne thanked us for “get-well” card.
For Aug 16 appetizers will be welcomed.  Time, previously announced as 4 pm to be announced.
At Aug 19 BBQ Lindajean will be present and a special event is scheduled.
Jasmine mentioned differences between Canada and Japan – space, house sizes, people friendlier.  She will travel to Okanagan and East.
Rick had been to Christina Lake and enjoyed it.  Plans to go back.  There are many resorts but they are quite booked.  People go back year after year up to 50 years.  Rick’s host had a telescope through which Rick saw Jupiter and its 3 moons, Saturn and its rings, and the International Space Station which circles Earth in 1 hour 45 minutes.  Next year he hopes to look at the moon.  There are 2 golf courses and some large cabins for larger families.  There are lots of children.
Money raising ideas were revisited.  Go Fund Me is up to Jerry.  Rick will look into gaming grants with Pat to name a contact.  Jerry is checking on the Learning Centre.
Rick recommended the S & L Restaurant for a lively evening with good food and service.  Reservations are required.
NO MEETING next week and Aug 16 moved to afternoon.
July 26 Meeting
Scribe 26 July 2017
There were very few people present and no singers so O’Canada was dispensed with.
Wings over White Rock was confirmed with arrival at Deirdre’s roof planned for 4 P.M. with planes expected about 5 P.M.
A wide ranging discussion followed including the following topics:
Nominations of executive for next year.
Dwindling membership.
Global Grants 18 month life span and local Rotary Club  required.
Family and corporate memberships. 1 or 2 or more votes?
International rules.
Reimbursement of expenses.
Membership in more than 1 club?
Local project needed to replace PADS dog for Sophie’s Place.
                Learning Centre Alternate school’s new principal
                P.R. e.g. we sponsored trip for $2000 and got no P.R.
Gaming grants and Go Fund Me.
Community Policing Van accident and Bob Gray.
There was no Sergeant at Arms.
July 19 BBQ
Club BBQ at Blackie's Spit.  All that attended had a great time.
July 12 Meeting
Scribe July 12, 2017
Scott led “O Canada” and Jerry gave the invocation.
We had many visitors including two D.G.s (one from Mexico); visiting Rotarian’s including one from North Carolina and 3 speakers.
Lindajean promoted the District Conference, a 3 day cruise from and to Seattle.
Stan Carter promoted the hospice BBQ Saturday July 22 at 6 p.m.  He also mentioned the passing from Cancer of George Garrett’s partner in organizing drivers.
Deirdre told us we are applying for an International grant for the orphanage in Batambang.  Several letters have been received.  Stuart is continuing to work on this project in spite of leaving Rotary. 
The Fab Four are available for another fund raising concert in fall.  The Irish Club will be presenting $3,100 to us.
Pat thanked Dierdre, Brian and others for their efforts.
Joanne has had surgery and Alan is continuing his recovery.
Scott collected for the North Carolina Alzheimer's project
Judy Krewchuk, Director of Sophie’s Place, soon to be V.P. thanked us for our fund raising.  Their function is growing rapidly and they need more space. 
Linda Waterman, Executive Director of P.A.D.S. and puppy puma, told us this is the 30th year of P.A.D.S.  There are presently 190 dogs in training.   Caber was the first dog and went to the Delta Police Service.  Dogs give comfort to child witnesses.  Their mandate is Western Canada but they have grown to cover all of Canada.  They are looking for the best dog for Sophie’s Place and will have one within 8 months. 
A cheque for $15594.50 was presented and photographed.
A 2 man team was chosen.
An executive meeting will be held next Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. 
NO REGULAR MORNING MEETING on July 19.  A BBQ will be held at Blackie’s Spit in the evening.  Both people who volunteered BBQ’s are doubtful attendees.  Rick will do a BBQ of lamb sometime
July 12 PADS

Laura Watamanuk - Executive Director

Laura is the fearless leader of the PADS Team and self described “Chief Puppy Spoiler”.  Laura has led the day to day operations of the organization since returning to the role in 2011 (she was previously PADS’ Executive Director from 1994-2001). Laura is passionate about creating partnerships with individuals, organizations and community groups to change lives each day.  Laura’s strong prairie roots not only have her bleeding green, but also instilled in her a deep belief that hard work, respect and teamwork are key to success.  She shares her office with the adorable (and ridiculous) retired PADS Breeding Dog Pepper.
June 28 Meeting
Scribe June 28, 2017
Jeff arrived before the bell.  He was to give the invocation but he said he did not know that.
Under introduction of guests there were none but Pat welcomed the Zdril's back from vacation.
Rick read the new President’s comments in the Rotarian.
SHREDDING  Urban Impact has confirmed June 9, 2018.  We are still trying for a fall date as well.
Golf Fun is August 18.  We expect to enter a team.  This is the only Rotary International fundraiser in District 5050.  Each club is expected to sponsor a hole for $1000U.S.  Our executive will decide this at its next meeting, July 19.
Executive meeting July 19 at 8 am.
No meeting next week, July 5, for summer.  July 19 will be evening at Blakie’s Spit.  Some portable BBQ’s will be provided by Scott and Rick.  Cold plates are an alternative.  Consider bringing guests.  No meeting August 16.  Instead there will be a BBQ at Scott’s on August 19.  He will deep fry turkeys.  Balance to be brought by members.  Snow Birds will put on White Rock Show August 16. 
We are all invited to Deirdre and Brian’s to watch the fireworks on July 1.
Scott got to perform for the first time in quite awhile.  Stuart explained his absence in Britain, San Francisco and the West Coast.  Rick was in Toronto where he golfed and listened to a Cougar Party.  Peter’s wife had a birthday and Peter’s son phoned to say he was now sleeping with an old lady.  The sergeant asked how many years ago that call came in!  Jerry and Roberta travelled in P.E.I. where they did not see it all.  They also hiked and fed mosquitoes.  Scott is going fishing and hopes mosquitoes will not be too bad.  Rick congratulated Deirdre on the Irish event last night.  Pat paid for the installation night.  Renee is hosting a big dinner on July 1.  (None of us are invited)  She also gave thanks for the Rotarian of the Year award. Joanne’s daughter graduated with top academic awards.
PADS FUNDING  Following Pat’s e mail vote there was considerable discussion which cleared up some misunderstandings and resulted in motions to pay PADS both the $5000 and the balance excluding our 10%.  These motions carried.  Brian and Deirdre will get a visit explaining all this to them.  We still hope to have a representative from PADS and PAN at a meeting to turn over cheques.
June 21 Induction Supper
Induction of the Executive for the upcoming year was held at Jan`s on the Beach. 
June 14 Meeting
Scribe Jun 14, 2017
Visitors nearly outnumbered members today.
Shredding June 9, 2018 confirmed.  October date still unconfirmed but likely in spite of message to the contrary.  It was suggested that in October the Thanksgiving weekend should be avoided if possible.
Speakers Kiri and Denise
Kiri ran an interactive contest for those who have smart phones, and talked about the South Surrey/White Rock food bank.  The food bank has been in operation nearly 30 years.  50% of children from SRO’s are below the poverty line.  The food bank sees 650 people per week of which1/3 are children.  They give out 2 days of food per week through 120 volunteers.  Funding all comes from the community.  Government started food banks in 1942 as a temporary measure.  Save on gift cards assist food bank.  Nearly $400000 of gift cards have been sold.  Save on pays 8% and the Block family pays another 8% but is getting out.  7 new sponsors are required at 1% each.  Sources is the merger of several agencies.  They offer services in Employment, mental health, women, seniors etc.  Work experience is a major need.  They have over 11000 long term and 18000 short term clients of whom 75% are from Surrey.
Kiri and Pat promoted the South Surrey festival on July 29.
Dierdre promoted ticket sales for the Irish group.
Jeff presented a cheque to Denise
Peter reported on the 5 club breakfast.
THERE IS NO MORNING MEETING  on June 21.  Instead there is an Installation Dinner at Jan’s on the Beach.  Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner is at 7.  Renee will hand out color coded cards indicating main course choices.
June 7 Meeting
Scribe Jun. 7, 2017                          
This was a business meeting.
Letters have been sent by Patrick to Urban Impact thanking the Driver and the Owner for their parts in our Shredding Event last week.  Renee has also sent letters to them and to donors, Safeway, Starbucks and Ocean Park Pizza.
There is an open house at PADS from 11am to 4pm on Saturday June 10. ,
A letter will go to Joanne’s daughter, Taylor, along with Nichole’s daughter, Cindy, thanking them for their hard work
The next shredding event in October has not yet been confirmed by Urban Impact.
Don is to draft a letter inviting those who wrote cheques to join us for a free breakfast and to consider joining Rotary.
The money raised will complete our commitment to PADS.  A beneficiary for the next shredding event must be chosen.  It was generally agreed that it should be a community item rather than an International item.
An e mail has been sent to members who have not indicated their preference for the main course at the installation dinner.  Some visitors and past members are being invited.
Rick Singh is still looking for speaker advice.
The next executive meeting will be after the meeting on June 14.  The executive meeting on June 13 is cancelled.  There are only 2 items to be considered.
A BBQ at Scott’s home may be held July 12, 19 or August 16.  Scott is leaving for the Okanogan today and has not got pictures from the Field House.  Pat will try.
There was no Sergeant.  If there had been there would have been a fine for no “O’Canada” to start today’s meeting.
It was again mentioned that the White Rock Club has left the Field House.
May 31 Meeting
Scribe May 31, 2017
Many people away today.
Is this Saturday.  The weather forecast is good.  Posters have been put up in various places.  Safeway will set up the parking lot though Scott will check that it is done.  Pads will have dogs there.  Brian will pick up tents at Allan’s and deliver them with tables.  Renee will pick up muffins.  If asked we can say a donation is $5 per box, which is half the commercial rate.  People who do not ask tend to give more.  Urban Shredding will be there by 9:30 and that is soon enough for set up.  The next shredding event may be in October but this is not yet confirmed by Urban Impact.  We are also still waiting for their contribution to PADS.
Some pictures have been posted.  More are desired.  Scott will check the field house and Renee will check with Jody.
Is confirmed at Jan’s on the beach.  Sheila’s is closed.  They are moving to Florida.  Catering is still being done here.  Jan’s has offered a fixed menu and a sign-up sheet was passed around.  Choices are Tuna, Steak, Salmon or Pasta.
The Irish Concert posters were handed out.
BRYANT PARK  A complaint was received and will be forwarded to White Rock and the Mayor along with a picture to be taken by Pat.  We are no longer adopting the park.
Speaker ideas are requested by Rick.  There are ideas in newspapers.  Gary suggested Dr. Pat Strang as well as a past D.G. from Chilliwack – name to be announced.
SPEAKER  Pat introduced Don Boyce.  Don started with a story about a farm boy and minister and then gave a talk which at times was very emotional.  Don also passed around a book which he made up about 15 years ago and is thinking of updating.  Don went to elementary school in a one room school with 14 students in grades 1 to 8.  He started work at $0.35 per hour but at that time it would buy a GALLON of gasoline with change.  He got a good job at the Ottawa Journal.  When he married Iola they had $200 between them.  Anyway they looked for a home to buy but moved to Fairview Ab. and bought the Fairview Post which had a circulation of 800.  The town had 1200 residents but from 1952 to 1960 he raised the circulation to 3000.  In 1960 he bought a new car – a Chrysler product with a slant 6 engine – and drove to Calgary where he joined Mutual Life and was transferred to Vancouver.  When he decided that being a manager for a big Insurance Company was not for him he moved to Maple Ridge and set up his own Insurance agency, which eventually his son took over in June 2013.  In the Community he was on Maple Ridge Council, Regional District, was a Charter Member of 2 Rotary Clubs, was on the White Rock Economic Council etc.  He and Iola also have travelled.  He has 2 sons and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.
In answers to questions he said the Fairview Post is still going owned by Montreal interests, in newspapers he was a pressman, editor, publisher, etc.  The community was mainly German in the east and Ukrainian in the west though there were many ethnicities.  When he joined Mutual Life he also looked at London Life as he had policies with both.  His Mutual Life salesman had a new Buick every year and he wondered if he could do the same.
May 24 Meeting
Scribe 24 May 2017
ROTARY MINUTE  Don Boyce spoke of a group of “young” (over 75) men that he belongs to.  One of the members, knowing Don is a Rotarian, gave him a book of Rotary songs which he got from his brother, who was a Rotarian and club president in 1949.  Don gave the book to president Pat who suggested it should go to a more prominent place in Rotary.
The IRISH CLUB of White Rock is giving a concert on June 27th.  Dierdre is selling tickets.  Proceeds may go to Rotary projects.
SHRED-IT EVENT is planned for June 3.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.  Coffee, Muffins and Pizza have been promised by various nearby businesses.
INSTALLATION will be on Wednesday June 21 at a place TBA.  Jan’s On The Beach and Sheila’s were suggested.  This somewhat less formal event will also be our June social.
EXECUTIVE MEETING last week resulted in one motion coming to the general meeting to support the Save-On-Foods project for 1% of sales up to a limit of $1000 per year for two years.  The motion passed after some lively discussion.  A formal notice will go to the food bank expressing concern that vetting of food recipients is not robust enough.
SPEAKER Introduced by Jeff, Sandy Wightman gave a slide show and talk of his recent visit to the Vimy Memorial.  Sandy has researched his great grandfather’s role in WW l.  In Sept. 1916 Alex Jacks. Sandy’s great grand-father, led a charge on a German trench at St. Eloi.  In Nov. 1916 he was involved in another charge in the Somme region.  These were both before the 1917 Vimy Charge, which was the first commanded by Canadian officers. 
A piece of shrapnel that Sandy found in a farm field was passed around.  Alex was wounded in the leg by a German machine gun in Sept. 1917.  
Rick thanked the speaker.
May 17 Social
Another successful social event. This one was at a new Mexican restaurant (Primo's) on Marine Drive in White Rock.
Well attended by members, guests and spouses.
May 10 Meeting
Scribe May 10, 2017
Today we were in the big room but took up most of the chairs.  Don set up though he claimed not to know how and had lots of help.  Only guest was speaker, Gary Hollick.
Jeff read from “Rotary Leader” about a new program tool which requires sign up but could be very useful.  A question was asked about updating our web site but general consensus was it is o.k.
SASSY is Friday.  Pat will attend.
SOCIAL Next week is at Primo’s – a new Mexican restaurant on the White Rock Beach.  The following month will be at “The Wooden Spoon”.
Pat thanked those who put these together.  The Shine The Light Foundation is looking to team up with Rotary to get a grant for Sip and Savour. Stuart, who is one of the people who prepare grant requests, will be away for the next 6 weeks.  There will be a meeting on May 16 at Pat’s office at 4 pm. for an update on grant application procedures.  Rick will get more information on gaming grants.  Gary Hollick’s club gets a grant.  He said it is a bit onerous to set up but easy to administer thereafter.  It is deemed worth persuing especially in light of the recent election.
SHRED-A-THON  Is on Sat. June 3.  6 people plus some wives and children will work there.  Set up is 9 am.  Tables and tents will be required.
Don was fined for hoarding tickets, Brian paid to make sergeant go away, Renee was happy, for a friend, that Ottawa defeated the Rangers, Rick’s wife went to Toronto and his dad came from Toronto (and tired him out).  Rick thanked Peter for Scribe notes.  Patrick had a birthday (money to come), Jeff put in an IOU for being late, and for election results.  He also said he owes Pat a receipt.
SPEAKER Introduced by Jerry.  Gary Hollick spoke on the future of Rotary.  Rotary has not grown from 1.2 million members.  India is growing fast but may not be real.  North America is shrinking.  Rotary needs to change.  It is getting older and networks are disappearing.  Rotary is between step two a three of 5 stages of grieving which are Anger, Denial, Negotiation, Depression, and Acceptance.
We need to get to acceptance and then change.  There are 4 pillars to change.  They are (1) Set goals, (2) Determine what is relevant (we need to recognize a “wow factor” such as good speakers), (3) be social, (4) final pillar is “Service – it is not the first.
Our target group is home owners with wife and children who go to work and have a mortgage to pay.  They are over 30.  We need to go after new people and help them succeed.  That is hard work. Paul Harris got people together for social needs.  The first project, a comfort station, kept people down town and improved business.  Service came later.  We need to make more noise about our local projects.  We need to have fun.  International projects come later.
Rick thanked the speaker.
EXECUTIVE MEETING is next Tuesday – not Wednesday.
5 Club Breakfast is This Saturday the 13th – the day after SASSY.  Everyone is to turn up at 10:30 am for clean up.  One person still owes for tickets.
May 3 Meeting
Scribe May 3, 2017
Dierdre’s e mail worked.  There were several visitors, including a visiting Rotarian, Spouse, guest as well as the speaker.
Mary Brunet, president of the Rotary Club of Semiahmoo spoke about upcoming events – SASSY (May 12), the 7th annual.  A need for club information (Joanne nominated as chair in her absence and Dierdre has photos and is to tell her) and a planting Bee to come in fall.
Pat suggested that the district governor’s visit schedule be left up to Lindajean.
A suggestion has been made that each of 5 clubs pick up 1/5 of the 1% proposed reduction in support of Save on Foods gift cards that the Block family has proposed.  Mary Brunet said that this could be capped.  Pat said this will go to the executive and if approved will then come to the membership.
Pat said we need to consider proposals for next year’s executive.  Be prepared if this railroad comes your way.
Renee reminded us of the shred it event coming on June 3rd and explained, mainly for visitors, where the money is going.  The shred it company’s donation was again mentioned as it has not yet been made.
Peter talked about the 5 club breakfast, the generous matching donation promised, ticket sales and other donation received.
Sergeant Scott Phemeister told a long story of his cruise and the Rotarians and other service minded people he met.  Peter paid for a goal scored during the sergeant’s absence and was rebuked for only one goal in the long time.  Alan paid a pittance for all the rain we had to put up with.  Don was happy that he no longer has to lead O’Canada.   Brian paid for the article in the newspaper that the sergeant was shown IN PANAMA. Visitor Rhonda was happy to have a child closer to home.  Pat was happy to have a child working closer to home.  Mary was happy to be going to the District conference but complained (a bit) about the dropping exchange rate. 
Speaker, April Lewis, was introduced by Dierdre.  April was happy to have her daughter back from Cambodia even though unemployed.  April told us she is divorced after 30 years but has a boy friend who is a Paul Harris Fellow.  She has had a birthday recently that qualifies her to work with CARP.  She has cruised with Lindajean, known to her as Linda.  April talked about her book, Lovingly Arrogant, a title she picked up when she was called that.
April was thanked by Stuart, though she said writers liked pens, she appreciated the certificate we gave her.
April 26 Meeting
Scribe April 26 2017
This was a business meeting, poorly attended.
Jerry spoke about a session at the Rotary training he recently attended.  It was about employing people with disabilities.  They appreciate having jobs and make very good workers.  It is possible we will have a speaker on this subject.
Pat spoke about “Why we do the things we do.”  He read an e mail from Tracy, who was on the Sip and Savour Committee and is now in South Africa.  She mentioned that beggars look for food in doggy bags rather than money.  She also spoke of experiences in an orphanage in South Africa.
The main business of the meeting was fund raising.  Go Fund me and Corporate donation were mentioned.  Corporations are planning for 2018 now.  A list of companies should be prepared.  Very large operating costs of some charities was mentioned.  Some go fund me projects are successful and some are not.  Work is required to determine how to be successful.  Jerry volunteered to head up go fund me efforts.  Jeff said we need a project to send people to a go fund me site.  A discussion of tax receipts followed.  Our international projects will provide input to go fund me. 
Deirdre proposed an singer of Irish Songs might give a concert for us.
A list of past members was circulated for comment about a proposed reunion aimed at increasing membership.
Sip and Savour is moving to the White Rock Community Centre because the shopping Centre owners have a new policy against such events.  The book sale moved for the same reason.
Peter talked about the 5 club breakfast.  He pushed for ticket sales, cleanup workers, and posters.
April 19 Social
Monthly social at Sidharth Grill.  Attended by 15 members and guests. 
Excellent food and conversation.
Thanks to Rick for his efforts.
Next week will be business meeting
Scribe April 12, 2017
We had one guest and one honorary member as well as a good turnout.  (Welcome back Joanne).
May 4 is the District Conference in Seattle.  There is still space.
Member survey results were mailed out.  There were 1304 responses.
A Future Visioning session is coming.
Shred it is coming.
An e mail re Cambodia was read by Brian.  There is an article and picture of Brian in the Peace Arch News of April 12.
THERE IS NO REGULAR MEETING next week.  An executive meeting will be held at 8 am and a SOCIAL at about 6 pm (Place to be sent by e mail)
Peter has posters and a few tickets for 5 club breakfast.  Event is May 13.
SERGEANT was Al Benson.
Brian O’Ruaric gave a slide show and talk on the orphanage in Cambodia.  It is amazing what can be done with a few dollars but it is also surprising how little attention is paid to safety.  Motorcycles are the main motorized vehicles.  There are few trees except scrub.
50/50  Dierdre’s ticket was drawn but she did not pull the joker.
April 5 Meeting
Scribe April 5 2017
Rick read from Rotary Canada some of 20 things to know about Rotary.  Among things he read were – 4 R.I. Presidents were from Canada, Winnipeg was the first club outside the U.S.A., and the R.I. Convention has been held in Canada 7 times and it is scheduled for Toronto next year.
Announcements were read by Jerry
Youth Protection policy which was picked up by Roberta at last weekend’s training was passed around.  It was explained in a confusing way at the training session but seems to apply only if you have youth staying in your home.
Golf Fun was announced but the day and place were not clear.
LindaJean’s (District Governor) visit originally scheduled for September is being negotiated.
Scott arrived late and fined himself for that and a planned cruise and a wife away.  Dierdre was happy for sunshine at a ski resort though she did not ski.  Rick paid for planning to leave early to go to Toronto and a wife away.  Don was happy to be here.  Peter paid for having an assist at hockey.  Roberta was sad because Jerry was to be home and Jerry was sad because his term was ending.
We will have a social on April 19 but the place will only be announced next week.  Rick will confirm by next week. Your scribe is betting on The Wooden Spoon.
Beth Kish was introduced by Stuart.  She is Executive Director of the South Surrey White Rock Hospice Society.  She handed out 2 brochures and gave a slide show.  The society will be in 2 buildings.  The old house was torn down in 2016 and the new facilities will be built by the end of 2017.  One building will be offices and multi-purpose rooms, while the other is for hospice beds.  Of planned costs of $1.2 million all has been raised except for $300K.  Some generous donations have been pledged for floors and lighting.  Hike for Hospice is May 9.  There will be a Journey Wall which was the cause of several questions.  Only about 280 tiles are being sold and one will win a trip on WestJet.
50/50 Draw – Renee’s ticket was drawn but she failed to pull the joker.
April 12 Meeting
Scribe April 12, 2017
We had one guest and one honorary member as well as a good turnout.  (Welcome back Joanne).
May 4 is the District Conference in Seattle.  There is still space.
Member survey results were mailed out.  There were 1304 responses.
A Future Visioning session is coming.
Shred it is coming.
An e mail re Cambodia was read by Brian. 
There is an article and picture of Brian in the Peace Arch News of April 12.
An executive meeting will be held at 8 am and a SOCIAL at about 6 pm (Place to be sent by e mail)
Peter has posters and a few tickets for 5 club breakfast.  Event is May 13.
SERGEANT was Al Benson.
Brian O’Ruaric gave a slide show and talk on the orphanage in Cambodia.  It is amazing what can be done with a few dollars but it is also surprising how little attention is paid to safety.  Motorcycles are the main motorized vehicles.  There are few trees except scrub.
50/50  Dierdre’s ticket was drawn but she did not pull the joker.
March 29 Meeting
Scribe March 29, 2017
Rotary Minute
Geoff talked about traditions in Rotary that seem to be less important and read the Objects of Rotary.
Guest Emery Dosdall reminded members to do the membership survey and attend training.  Pat Hahn also reminded members of the leadership training at Kwantlen.
Peter and Emery talked about the 5 club breakfast.
Renee confirmed this is on June 3 at the Safeway parking lot in Ocean Park.  Combing with Ocean Park Days was suggested.
Public Relations
Pat reported that Brenda Gibson of PAN was at the club presidents’ meeting and was very effusive about input from our club.  Congratulations to Joanne Taylor, our P.R. person.
Iwona Mandera was introduced by Dierdre. Iwona is manager of Ocean Park and Semiahmoo Libraries.  Iwona came to Canada at age 25 from Poland and liked it so she stayed.  At the time she spoke no English.  Iwona gave a very interesting talk.  She talked about a Library being built in Clayton and told us how each library caters to the area it is in.  She pointed out that each library is different and she talked about all the different programs that libraries run.  She said that Library cards are free but worth about $610/year.  Programs include: seed library, crafts, book clubs, poetry, authors, financial literacy, wellness, computer training and she talked about loans of ebooks, emagazines,  and international newspapers.
She answered questions about limits of borrowing, renewals and talked about copy writes and waiting lists.
Newer programs include Opera, school choirs, festivals of trees, Lego, and offices away from home.  Libraries are no longer quit places just for reading.
March 22nd Meeting
Scribe March 22, 2017
After two weeks of not meeting for breakfast at the Pacific Inn we are back and so was our waitress who had been away when we last met there.
We had a good turnout of members with only the guest speaker as a guest.  Every seat was taken.
Renee announced that this is planned for June 3rd with Urban Impact.  Renee will be arranging with Safeway today.  Urban Impact has not yet given its donation to the dog suppliers.  If they do not donate we will. 
We need another fund raiser.  A Legion event is likely.  We have about $2K for International right now. 
Dierdre wants us to like our Facebook page.  She says it is easy but some members would like a speaker to explain social media.  Our guest speaker also mentioned dome features of Facebook.
Scott is our representative on the committe for the coming event.
This fund raiser is on May 5 at the Langley Trotting Track.  VIP tickets are $150 with a $100 tax receipt.
Is on April 1 at Kwantlen University.  We pay for 5.  District executive, Stuart Wilson will attend but is a district member for attendance.
Darin Alexander is co chair of volunteers for the White Rock/South Surrey Safety (formerly Police) Organization.  He passed out copies of a hand out about their fund raiser on October 27 at 8pm at Hazelmere Golf Course.  The organization is looking for a secretary right now.  South Surrey RCMP are part of Surrey RCMP so there is some problem allocating funds to South Surrey alone.  So far the organization is holding the funds.  This year firefighters and marine rescue have joined the group which used to be only police.  Gaiming funds may be easier to get if the word “police” is not in the organization’s name.  Support in the form of sponsors, funds or just word of mouth is sought.  There was much discussion of Surrey versus South Surrey and the conflict has caused some loss of volunteers in Surrey.
Peter has been appointed our representative on the committee but the position is open if anyone wants it.  The breakfast will be on May 13 at the White Rock United Church from 8 am to 11 am.  Our club will be responsible for some ticket sales and cleanup.  The 5 club breakfast has a very good reputation for clean up so we have a chance to shine.  Tickets will be $15 each and will be available after April 5.
Scott picked up funds for late arrivals and Canuck win over Chicago among others.
March 15th Social - St Patrick's Day Party
We had a very enjoyable social and meal at the Hahn's. 
Thanks very much to Pat and Karilyn for their hospitality.
March 8 Visit to Sophie's Place
No breakfast meeting on March 8.
Pat, Deirdre, Stuart, Renee, Alan, Roberta and Jerry visited Sophie's Place which is an RCMP supported organization that supports abused children and their caregivers.
Our guide for the morning provided an enlightening and detailed tour of the facility. As well, we gained real insight into the valuable service provided by Sophie's Place.
An invitation was extended to them to attend one of our breakfast meetings as a guest speaker.  They would be pleased to attend.
The support that our club has given in support of a PADS dog is much appreciated by Sophie's Place. They eagerly look forward to completing the process that will place a support dog into their program.
Next meeting on March 15th will celebrate St Patricks Day at Pat Hanh's place.
March 1 Meeting
Scribe Mar. 1, 2017
Next week we visit Sophie’s Place, 9460 140th Ave.  Car pools will go from the Pacific Inn parking lot at 7:15 am. 
The following week is March 15 and there will be a St. Patrick’s dinner at Pat Hahn’s new home, 1282 Duprez St, White Rock at 6 p.m. 
This will be our March social.
Today’s meeting
Stuart Wilson started O’Canada and Roberta Zdril gave the invocation.
Guests were Sandy Whiteman and John Block from Semiahmoo Rotary Club.  John spoke of the Gift Card Program.  He has spoken to Daryl of Save-On Foods.  The program Rotary has is a very special one and is not to be made available to the general public.  The Block Family matching ends in June and other sponsors are being sought.
There is an RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) this Saturday, March 4, at the Sunrise Conference Center, registration at 8 am and program at 8:30.  Pat said anyone who has not been to one should attend.  There are big changes coming in Rotary and there are very good speakers.
A Bird House was auctioned with Deirdre winning the house and over $260 raised for Polio Plus.
Speaker, Sandy Whiteman, talked about Wheelchairs given to Mexico.  Sandy has been to 5 distributions in Mexico in the last 10 years.  He told many stories.  At the first distribution he was at chairs were given to residents of a senior’s home with appalling conditions.  A woman was very appreciative as she was put in her new chair and said to him in Spanish which he later had translated, “Now I know what God’s eyes look like.”  In his most recent trip he inquired why so many young people needed wheel chairs and was told that many had Cerebral Palsy.  He said that there are matching grants available which make a gift of $10 into $65.  He said that he hopes to have a large container ready this year with 4 or 5 clubs taking part.  He also said that Mexican Rotary Clubs work very hard and told a story of one club obtaining an ambulance and their problems getting it over the border from the U.S.A.  These clubs select recipients of chairs and even have changed adult diapers.  In spite of preparations the computer projector did not work and Sandy passed his I Pad around.  I pads are very expensive in Mexico so they were brought in from the U.S.A.  One boy who was crippled and non verbal was able to communicate with an I pad.
Deirdre thanked the speaker.
Our executive will consider a wheel chair project.
Save-on cards can be bought using Visa at certain businesses in South Surrey and White Rock.  A full list was promised but in the meantime some are Courtesy Cleaners and Shill Insurance Brokers.
February 22 Meeting
Scribe Feb. 22, 2017
Rotary Minute - Alan Benson talked about Rotary in Russia from an article written some time ago.  There was a 40 to 50 year period when not much was happening because no NGOs were allowed in Russia.  Now there are Rotary clubs that work hard.  One partnered with Aeroflot to fly 40 people to Alaska.
Sergeant - Pat was fined for forgetting to introduce guests so belatedly Don introduced Iola.  Deirdre paid the usual dollar that Brian pays and was fined for not rigging last week’s raffle in favor of the sergeant.  Renee paid just because.  She also reported on the Pacific Guide dog puppies and on our dog for Sophie’s  place which is still in training (the dog that is).  Iola was happy for the dogs.  Roberta paid because Jerry said to!  Don Jerry and Jeff paid for not wearing pink on anti bullying day.  (Lots of others should have paid.)  Jeff also paid for “looking like a banker”.
Alan read most of a letter from our YAIL person who also said she would speak to us if asked.  She enjoyed the experience.  It was reported that at the executive meeting Emery said we can send an over age person to Adventures in Citizenship.
Deirdre reported on the membership meeting last Saturday.  It was a packed half day with good input from the floor.  Key items are: We need to listen, membership will be part of District Training, Visioning and Fireside Chats are part of the program.
Dean Rohrs will be speaking Sat. Mar 4 at Newlands.  She was said to be a very interesting speaker.  Cost is $45 per person.
Dierdre reported from Brian.  He is back in Bangkok.  Work is done in Batambang to their standard which is less than our standard.
Jeff wants sergeant and draws to be regular because it raises money for club activities.
It was reported that the White Rock Club Meetings are moving out of the Field House but where to was not known.
Speaker - Rick Singh spoke and showed pictures from his recent trip to India.  He started by speaking of moves from India to Guiana, Toronto and the west coast of Canada.  They landed in India at the very modern airport at 1 am and had a45 minute ride to their hotel.  The same ride can take 3 hours at rush hour.  There is much pollution.  Playing fields are in use early and may have several games on a field for one in this crowded country.  A crack down on corruption caused line ups at banks and electronic tellers and a black market in currency exchange.  Traffic is crazy but there are few accidents.  There are many monuments and towers.  A rickshaw ride is highly recommended and amazing in the congestion.  Markets are very organized.  Women work very hard.  Cows are everywhere.  Country is very different from cities.  Everyone is after money.  There are fruit stands and gypsies at the side of the road.  The government has a 2030 plan for modern apartment buildings.  Trains are cheap but crowded.
Draw - Pat’s ticket was drawn and he pulled the joker.  He donated funds to the club. 
February 15 Social
Scribe Feb. 15.
Our social this month was a dinner at the Roadhouse Grille with a speaker, White Rock Mayor Baldwin.  He brought his wife, Jane. 
There was a good turnout with several guests and great food.  
Rick Singh introduced the Mayor.  
The mayor talked of many things going on in White Rock and took questions.  There is a plan to improve Johnson Road which generated one question.  He did not talk about Park adoptions but there was one question on that to which he answered that White Rock had not pushed it and our club was the only one that had adopted a Park and there was a sign at the park saying we have adopted it.  He professed belief that the railway will move and said the current talk of a rapid rail connection between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver enhances the idea.  Trains move very slowly in White Rock and Crescent Beach and slowing down is related to uncoupling which the RR expects very few of but has had too many near Crescent Beach. 
President, Pat, tried several different glasses and a fork to get attention but said he preferred the bell.
February 8 Meeting
Scribe Feb. 8 2017
A good turnout today with no visitors.  There was considerable discussion with no speaker and no Rotary minute.
Geoff Richards was the 13th person and arrived late as usual.
Feb 18 at the Field House is a seminar called Membership Matters.  At least 3 people from each club is desired.  Jerry, Roberta and Deirdre will go at 8:30 am.
Mar. 4 there is a Rotary Institute.  You can sign up on line at the district 5050 web site.
Mar. 11 there is a boot camp at the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale from 8:30 to 2:30.
May 4 is the District Conference in Seattle.
June 14 is the start of the National Convention in Atlanta.
February 15 is our Social night with Speaker, Mayor Baldwin, at the Road House Grill.  At least 16 people are expected.
Feb 22 is the new date for the tour of Sophie’s Place.  We will meet at the Pacific Inn and car pool for an 8 am start (to be confirmed).
3 of our members attended.  We got a cheque for over $2000 from Sip and Savour.  The South Surrey/White Rock Hospice got $25,000. 
It is proposed to name a room in the new Hospice building the Rotary Room at a cost of $50,000.  The executive will decide if we are to take part.  Some members feel a written motion with more details is required. 
It was also proposed that minutes of previous executive meetings and an agenda should go to members of the executive before meetings. 
There was discussion of Local vs. International projects, Hands on vs. Program projects.
Don Boyce questioned 0ur clubs part in Bryant Park which is scheduled for major change to the east of the tree line.  Work Party turn out has not been great.  The Kiwanis Park and Hogg Park were mentioned as examples of the failure of White Rock’s adoption agenda.
There was discussion of Honorary memberships.  Bob Gray wants one.  Criteria and practices are required.  Are honorary memberships limited in time?  McIntosh was compared to St Germain and Ferguson.  A problem with membership numbers has been discovered. 
There is a discrepancy between our records and those of Rotary International.
ADVENTURES IN CITIZENSHIP is for people 16 to 18 years old.  The Learning Centre has proposed a 19 year old.  Ottawa has said it is ok if in grade 12 and accepts rules but Bob Gray wants a legal opinion and is concerned about our Club’s liability.  YAIL refused an over age person.  Also travel is not at the lowest cost.  We have until Mar 3 to decide.
EXECUTIVE MEETING was set for Wednesday Feb 15 at 8 am at the Pacific Inn.  No date suited everyone.  Renee has a problem with this time.
February 2 Meeting
No notes from the February 2 Meeting.
There were only 3 members of our club at the  Semiahmoo Club on Thursday, Pat, Geoff and Peter
January 25 Meeting
The guest speaker at the meeting was Paul Linza.  He presented information on a program sponsored by ACT which trains high school students to recognize a heart attack victim.  They are then trained in basic resuscitation technique in providing chest compressions.  The students also are trained in the use of AED (Automatic Electrical Defibrillators). Members in attendance were very appreciative of Paul providing this information.
The following items were discussed at the January 25th Meeting.
Scribe Jan. 25 and 26
Your scribe misread Pat’s e mail and attended Semiahmoo’s meeting one week early.  I was one of only two guests and was introduced as being from the White Rock Club.  Following is a report on that meeting.
Rod, who introduced me, also led the National Anthem which was sung very well.  A Rotary minute was given by a gentleman who talked about Service Clubs and why he joined. 
A lady talked about Sources event called The Coldest Night of the Year which is scheduled for Feb 25.  Another lady member talked about getting lost going to Mt. Vernon.
The student named Nicholas, talked about his experience being sent to YAIL.  He said there were very good speakers and told of one who said there were 4 types of personalities.  There was also a letter read from a female participant who found the weekend very worthwhile. 
Another talk was given by Stan Carter.  This was called a “This is my Life” talk.  He was born in Vancouver General Hospital in 1942.  Among other things he attended Vancouver College, was a drummer in a senior band and was a golf Caddy for some famous professionals.  He had a number of careers and in 2016 spoke at a Paramedics convention.  He was married to his second wife for 42 years and had a daughter and 3 granddaughters.
Two people were given Paul Harris recognitions, one a plus 3.
A video on the foundation was shown and a summary of the clubs donations was handed out and explained.
An invitation was extended to attend the Uptown Community Christmas Banquet and sample drinks were handed out
The presentation next Thursday was announced and the expected visit from our club was mentioned.
January 18 Meeting
There was a social held at the Roadhouse Grill - 1781 King George Blvd.  A great meal was had by all that attended.
NOTE That there is no morning meeting on Feb 1st. 
We will be joining the Semiahmoo Club Thursday Feb 2nd at 7:00 AM
at the Rotary Field House,  2197 - 148 Street, South Surrey Athletic Park

January 11 Meeting
 Scribe Jan. 11, 2017
Today is a business and executive meeting.
Chair, Pat Hahn, introduced assistant D.G. Emery Dosdall, who was visiting.
There is a Grant Seminar this Saturday, Jan. 14 at the field house.  Pat  and Deirdre will attend.
Emery told us of the million dollar dinner last weekend.  Over 3.3 million dollars were raised to be spent on Rotary’s 6 areas of concern.  Emery also spoke of Polio plus.  He said that John Germ told those present that polio is now endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan and there is $1 billion being spent per year.  The current rate is 36 cases of polio per year.  It was difficult to immunize particularly in Nigeria because of a belief that the immunization was an American plot but when a Nigerian chief brought his child for immunization the resistance was reduced.
Feb 3 there is a fundraising event at the Casino at the Cloverdale trotting track.
Feb 2 we are invited to the Semiahmoo breakfast meeting where there will be a cheque presentation for money raised by Sip and Savour to the hospice foundation.   Mary Bruno is President of the Semiahmoo Club and Pat is to ensure that publicity re funds raised recognizes that this was a 5 club event – not just Semiahmoo Club.  The meeting is at the Rotary Field House.  It was proposed to make this our meeting for the week but low attendance plans caused the defeat of this idea so we will meet on February 1 as regularly planned.  A formal accounting of the Sip and Savour fund raising is still hoped for.
Deirdre attended a talk about I Empowerment.  The speaker would be available for a 5 club meeting
SERGEANT – Lost his fines cup.
JoAnne paid for being late, Brian paid to make the sergeant go away, Alan paid for being late and for Obama’s speech last night, Emery was happy to be here, Deirdre was fined for talking over the chair, Pat was happy to have taken his eldest son to the airport, Rick was sad to be going to Toronto for a funeral but happy that his dad is ok and will be here in spring, Scott was sad that his brother, who has cancer and lives in Cache Creek had several trips to Vancouver for treatment that was cancelled, Don was happy to have slept in which is very rare, Pat was happy for Don, Rick was happy that the story was not accompanied by the Viagra song
Alan told us that student, Ethan, is too old for YAIL but may go to RYLA.  We voted to get YAIL money back.
Brian reported on Thailand.  Funding needs are still being investigated.  Receipts for funds given are in the mail.  Chip and Brian are going there on Feb 17.
Rick reported that Nikki, from Make A Wish, is looking for volunteers.  He will forward her e mail.
There was considerable discussion of Pacific Guide Dogs and Sophie’s Place.  Our social in February, Feb. 15, may be breakfast at Sophie’s.  Deirdre to contact Sophie’s to see if Feb 15 is o.k.  We have seen $14350 given to PADS (2 times 5000 from our club 2 times 500 privately and a donation from Urban Impact).  We originally said we would try to give $5000 per year for 3 years.  Our intent is to get a dog for Sophie’s Place.  Deirdre is to pursue a receipt.  A practice of voting on all significant cheques was suggested.
January 18 social will be dinner at the Roadhouse Grill.  Rick to arrange. At least 8 people will attend.
Sean Hagen has been discussing a Passport Club as a way to get back some Rotarians.  A Passport club meets only 4 times per year.  It is suggested that Sean be a speaker at a future meeting.
Absence of Renee was noted and a call to her suggested.
Emery thanked those who worked on the Polar Bear Swim and hopes to see all presidents swim soon.  It was suggested that District Governors should also swim.
January 4 Bulletin
Scribe Jan 4 2017
This is our first meeting of the new calendar year so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  If you missed this meeting you missed a good one.
Allan Benson reported on the Polar Bear Swim.
There is a picture taken by a drone on the front page of today’s Peace Arch News.  Alan estimated 2500 people.  Chip said there were 2447 in the picture in the water by his count, which was very quick.  Our tent was set up and Alan mentioned Brian, Chip and Deirdre as workers.  Parking took up all spaces.  There were 3 Polar Bears.  Brian was seen in the water as usual.  This was a 5 club event with people recognized from our club, Peninsula, Semiahmoo and White Rock.
Scott fined himself and Peter for talking while the president was talking, Jeff for being late, Jerry and Roberta for moving to Ladysmith.  Pat was happy to have a daughter going to Thailand for a year.  He was also jealous. Alan was fined for being late.  Scott was happy to have seen the New Year’s show at the River Rock Casino and for having come out even!  Brian paid for the sergeant to stop talking but was told he would have to pay much more to make that happen.  Geoff cleaned out his office and offered a number of books for free but Rick paid for some.  Peter was happy with a new washer and dryer given by his children who last year gave a gas BBQ.  He was told he has good children.
Our screen has been found but it was too easy for Rick, in the closet in our meeting room.
Jennifer Petersen, the director of the B.C. & Yukon chapter of The Children’s Wish Foundation, brought Nikki Kost as her computer operator and gave a wonderful talk with a video.  The Foundation serves people from 3 to 17 years old.  It has been in Canada for 34 years and is completely separate from the similar U.S.A. organization.  Jennifer stated that the term “Terminal” is not used and wishes are not always end of life situations.  She referred to referrals and asked if any of us had family of friends that should be referred to them.  Rick said he would kill his kids if they did not do well in school but did not refer them.  The Canadian foundation has granted 23000 wishes and is completely supported by donations.  It gets no government grants.  Small Provinces donate more per capita than large ones.  No qualified wish is turned down.  A single wish granted can affect 100 people.  Jenifer gave an example of a teacher being affected.  The average wish costs about $10k.  Jennifer gave us several amazing stories with pictures of some of the recipients.  The B.C. budget for operations is $1.5 million.  Jennifer said Canada Post collects from clients and makes donations including The Children’s Wish Foundation.
Alan thanked Jennifer and promised a certificate would follow.
Jennifer is always looking for opportunities to speak and we will tell other Rotary Clubs on the Peninsula about her.