Thanks to Peter for acting as Scribe


Jerry Zdril              Roberta Zdril         Peter Herz

Dierdre O’Ruaric  Brian O’Ruaric      Pat Hahn

Don Boyce             Al Benson              Chip Bowness

Guests: Chip’s wife, Donna-Lynn; Teachers- Rory, Susan and Janice


This meeting was at the Learning Centre - Call to order at 7:15


There are now about 180 students at the Learning Centre – aged about 15 to 19 at day time and aged 19+ at night.  Their graduation is similar to regular school. 

Small number allows more 1 on 1 time with teachers.  Many students have part time jobs especially now when the economy is booming. 

Last year 42 graduated from the Learning Centre and at least 6 went back to regular schools.  There was discussion of smoking and drugs. 

Cell phone use is prohibited in classes except where their use is taught as a tool.  Students are taught to do “the right thing” but do not believe use of cell phones is not right.

There is a connection with the R.C.M.P. and other external resources. 

A hand out was distributed re Community Cohort which includes the bicycle repair program, woodworking, robotics and carving. 

Many questions were asked and answered.  The German system was explained by Chip where apprentices wear different hats from journeymen.

Don mentioned the uniqueness of Rotary and the Learning Centre.

We toured the facilities which seem quite inadequate.  A plea for ideas for new facilities was made.  Some requirements were listed including closeness to transportation and we asked for the requirements to be put in writing so we can distribute them to the 5 clubs.

There are 5 Learning Centres in Surrey.  The one in South Surrey/White Rock is the only one that has not moved.