October 9 2019
Meeting at Peace Arch Hospice
Jerry Zdril - President and Chairperson
Roberta Zdril
Peter Herz
Pat Hahn
Leslie Singh
Rick Singh
Carlos Galvez
Rhonda Latreille
Lynda Simpson
Eva Galvez
Beth Kish
Jerry suggested that since this was not a formal business meeting, that we dispense with the national anthem and invocation.
Beth Kish welcomed us to the Peace Arch Hospice Society and gave a tour of the Hospice Society building prior to offering a lovely hot breakfast.
Beth served previously as the Ex Director of Foot Hills Hospice in Alberta.  This was a small operation and she felt that the smaller services provide more of an intimate and home-like feeling. 
They currently have 7 beds with the Peace Arch Hospital, and with the new hospital, will have 15 beds.   
Peace Arch Hospice
Volunteer based and not-for-profit - 36 years now (since 1982) and use to be known as the White Rock Hospice.
2002 - Fraser Health established.
2010 - name change to White Rock South Surrey Hospice
2017 name change to Peace Arch Hospice Society - only one not named after a hospital compass.
2017 – opening of the new supportive care centre
New hospice residence - April 2020
Fraser health provides medical care - Peace Arch Hospice provides all emotional care, and will make home visits of necessary.
Emotional support to patients and families - sensitive to cultural spiritual and religious perspectives.
Palliative - could receive some treatment for care, whereas hospice is only pain and symptom management.
250 active volunteers
1300 hours counselling
Thrift Store
Fraser Health Dr. and nurses, Society volunteers and staff.
Beth stressed that everyone grieves differently!
Society offers many programs:
Kids camp 2 x per year - theme each time.
Palliative programs and bereavement programs.
China Tea Service
Walking groups - every Friday - often they continue on their own after the program completes.
One to one grief counselling support.
Children’s grief camps.
Art Therapy - Videos for the family from conversations and interviews - thumb prints in clay for necklace or key chain.
Vigils - no one should die alone - 24/7 volunteers available and also offer in homes - 3 hour shifts... music and candles and books and journal documents everything for next person and given to the family.
Support everyone who is grieving - not just through hospice - kids in schools etc.  Sports teams - coach committed suicide - they had a team there and no charge!
Pet Therapy - specially trained pets
Relaxation Therapy - patients and grief support
Rotary Business Items
  1.  Fab Fourever Dance – October 19
Need everyone to sell their tickets and bring in the donations for the silent auction please!
We REALLY need donations!
  1.  World Polio day - Red Rose In Newton – October 24
Tickets with Jerry and Jerry will be sending out info electronically as well.
Money to the Foundation.
  1.  Shredathon – November 2
500 posters printed.

4.  District 5050 Foundation Dinner – Friday, November 15
At the Quality Hotel & Conference Centre, 36035 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford, BC
Guest Speaker: Rotarian Lee Harman, The Epic Journey, Peking to Paris Car Rally
Lee, Bill and Miss Vicky crossed the finish line, 1 of 21 cars out of 120 that did so under their own power
No Host Bar: 5:30pm
Full buffet dinner: 6:30pm
Dress: Business (Jacket & Tie)
Cost $60 Canadian
Register at: www.district5050.org
5. Noel Gala with Peace Arch Club – November 21
Lynda taken the lead with organizing our contribution
Silent auction items and sell tickets
Everyone bring one bottle of wine - minimum $25