Jerry Zdril – President and Chairperson
Don Boyce
Peter Herz
Roberta Zdril
Chip Bowness
Jeff Richards
Pat Hahn
Rick Singh
Scott Phemister
Rhonda Latreille

Guest - Bonnie Sutherland
Guest - Alex Nixon


Meeting Call to Order and Welcome:

Jerry opened the meeting at 7:15 am and Scott led the singing of “O Canada.”

Peter provided the innovation.

Jerry introduced 2 guests - Alex Nixon, BIA, and Bonnie Sutherland from North Delta Rotary Club. 

Rotary Minute:

Rick shared information about the 6th Annual World Polio Day Event held on October 24 in Philadelphia, PA.  This event honours the birthday of Dr. Jonas Salk and celebrates his leadership in helping to develop the first vaccine to eliminate polio.  In 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined with Rotary International, WHO, CDC, and UNICEF in support of the Global Polio Elimination Initiative (GPEI).   Because of this bold action and immunization over the many years, the number of kids diagnosed with polio has plummeted from 360,000 to just 14 reported cases this year worldwide. 

Operational Fund Raising:

            50/50 Draw

The District Governor, Linda Murray, notified all Rotary Clubs in the District about the need to cease involvement in any ‘chase the Ace’ progressive 50/50 draws.  According to the BC Gaming Commission, these draws are considered to be an unlicensed raffle. Our club will suspend our use of these draws as a fund-raising initiative.

            Happy Dollars

Pat cheerfully collected Happy Dollars from the members.

Projects – Ready - Steady - Go - November 24:

Pat announced that the correct name for Legion Club #240 is the Crescent Beach Legion – NOT the Ocean Park Legion. 

Jerry printed 350 posters for Deidre’s distribution upon her return from Ireland.  Rhonda has these posters right now.  Scott and Pat agreed to get the remainder posters printed. - Need them beginning of October. 

Tickets for the event are $40 each.

Rhonda reminded everyone to start to collect and submit to her 2 items each for the silent auction.  
Don was recognized and thanked for providing the first items for the auction.

Events -- Rotary International Convention:

Hamburg Germany - June 1-5. 

Jerry reviewed information contained in the distributed email about the RI Convention for 2019.  Register before December 15, 2018 to receive $395 early bird rate. 
Rick let everyone know that there is a Rotary Golf Event at St. Andrews June 9 for those who are interested.

Events -- Sources 40th Celebration:

Jerry sent out an email - no response from our club to date to assist with the Rotary tent. Interested volunteers need to let Jerry know by Monday of their desire to participate.

Projects -- Request for Monitors. 

Bonnie Sutherland from North Delta Rotary provided information about the African Ruggedized Education System (ARED).  The ARES is an online server that connects via wifi to tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones.  Rugged and can handle challenges of power surges, heat, dust, and shocks.  This provides a massive amount of information to schools – especially schools throughout rural Kenya.  Content includes over 30,000 videos, Ted Talks, Kahn Academy, textbooks, Kenyan and British Syllabus etc. 

Container is being loaded for Africa, and prior to September 15, they need donated monitors, keyboards, and mice. 

Jerry offered to coordinate our club collection up to Monday, Sept. 10, and Chip offered to help as well, especially after Jerry and Roberta leave after Sept. 10.

Events -- Ride for Rotary - India

Jerry shared information about the Ride for Rotary - Motorcycle Ride held January 13 – 27, 2019 -- starting in Mumbai and concluding in Mangaluru, India.  Email distributed to all members.


Jeff reported that the Imperial Gardens still does not have a liquor license for our next social scheduled for Sept. 19.  Rick suggested we wait until they obtain their liquor license and instead go to the Chaba Thai restaurant in Cloverdale — Rick to confirm a reservation for Sept. 19 and will get back to us.  We can byob and there is no corkage fee.  Restaurant is located by 176 and 56th. 

Guest Speaker:  Alex Nixon, White Rock BIA

Jerry introduced Alex who assumed the position of Executive director in June of this year.

Business Improvement Association (BIA) facilitates events and programs and supports local businesses so they can thrive.  BIA also works to develop community awareness and spirit. 

Alex talked about how the events are received well by the public and serve to promote and support local business.  TD concerts on the pier are good examples of events that serve the community and local businesses. 

In addition to the concerts, BIA is involved in the Taste of White Rock, Vitality Expo, street banners and lighting as well as advocating on behalf of businesses to the city.  They also serve to advocate/communicate/facilitate by hosting All Candidates meetings for upcoming elections.

Alex also commented that they run successful social media campaigns when they host events – the businesses are supported and promoted.

When Alex asked for feedback and suggestions, Rick brought up the issue of the lack of parking that is not exclusive to the waterfront.  Local businesses downtown also struggle with limited parking for customers and clients. 

Jerry suggested that BIA use influence for multi-level parking downtown area. 

Other issues - development of South Surrey - taking people away from local White Rock merchants.  Transportation - construction road on Johnston road.  Issues around red tape around patios and awnings and rent - not unique to White Rock.

Because the TD concerts are so successful, looking to add more concerts at the 5 corners, east beach, and west beach.  These are scheduled for Thursday evening to stimulate activity for businesses/restaurants. 

Alex shared that the public want more beer gardens. 
Jerry asked if BIA would consider partnering with Rotary for beer gardens.  Space for beer gardens available at 5 corners and east and perhaps west beach as well.

Jerry confirmed that he would follow up with Alex about pursuing this potential fund-raising partnership.

Scott shared that Rotary use to be involved in a chili cook off with the BIA - local restaurants prepared their best chili recipes and the public would taste and vote.  Scott remarked that these were fun, even though they didn’t make a lot of money. 

Alex stated that he loves the idea of even more events - would like to see something happening every week-end.

Chip told Alex about the interest from the arts community in establishing an arts corridor and suggested this might be a good project for the BIA to work on with the Semiahmoo Arts Association.  Alex agreed to review with Greg Smith.

Jerry thanked Alex - donated hot lunches in Sources on his behalf.

Don away till mid October.

Rhonda agreed to take over the Save-On cards on Don’s behalf.

Jeff away for 10 days..


Jerry adjourned at 8:30.