Scott Phemister - Chairperson
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Joanne Taylor
Jeff Richards
Rhonda Latreille
Call to Order and Welcome
Scott called the meeting to order at 7:20am, led the singing of the national anthem, and provided the invocation.
The Rotary Minute was given by Peter Herz where he shared information about the Sunshine Coast Rotary Club installing herring curtains to be hung from docks to protect the eggs from the danger of creosote treated pilings.  Full impact and results not in yet.
PADS Graduation – Sunday, September 30 will be the graduation ceremony for the Pacific Assistance Dogs training.  The event will be held at the Michael J Fox theatre, and Pat asked for interest to attend if he is not able to.  Renee will be attending as well. Given limited space, it was suggested no more than 2 members attend from our club.
Treasures report - Jeff paying District Dues.  Nothing has changed since the last financial projections.  We are currently up to date on all dues, and a new invoice will be distributed to club members for the period of July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. 
Membership Report - no report provided.
Events - Ready Steady Go!!
Scott running more posters - Pat has tickets printed and will be distributed meeting of Oct 10.
Rhonda reminded folks about silent auction - 2 per person minimum.
Rhonda to send out a separate and dedicated reminder email to everyone as well.
Orphanage Grant - still in process.  Moving along – nothing new to report. 
Sources September 15 Event – Believe no one from our club participated in the Rotary tent.  Members commented on the especially horrible weather, and suspect this interfered with general attendance and support.
Roots of empathy - $1500 request to cover the costs for an instructor.  We would have to fund raise a special event to support this, and there are currently no funds available that are not already ear-marked.  Consider this for the list from funds raised from Ready-Steady-Go event in November, and members agreed to defer for next executive.  It was also suggested that we might want to allocate funds from an extra Shred a thon to fund this request.  Pat agreed to send a note to acknowledge receipt of their funding request and let them know this is still under consideration. 
Membership Seminar October 17 - Rotary Field House – please note that this is a correction from the date we listed in a previous edition of the minutes.
BIA partnership - Beer Gardens as a fund raiser.  White Rock Rotary Club has held one already.  It was suggested that we need to first connect with the other clubs to consider a coordinated approach and to then connect with Alex to indicate our interest in pursuing this with the BIA.   Pat agreed to follow up on this.
Sip and Savour – It would have to be sometime next year.  Need to clarify if this will be a potential 5 club event or Semiahmoo on its own.  Jeff to check out Semiahmoo’s intention.  It was also suggested that we might want to consider a separate Wine event or Octoberfest event or another Fools Night Out.  We agreed to move this discussion forward to the spring.   
Christmas Party - Confirm with Rick his conversation with Renee about available dates for consideration.
Rotary Leadership – The next event is in the US in October.  Pat commented that participating in these leadership seminars is highly recommended, and more events are coming in the near future and likely closer to home.
Foundation Month - Don Boyce is overseeing this on our behalf.   Given the fact that Don is way right now, Jeff agreed to send out a dedicated email to everyone about the dinner and donations toward the Foundation, encouraging members to contribute -- especially since we are getting a grant from this Foundation.  Meeting and presentation and dinner will be in November.  We will work with Rick to arrange a speaker.  November 3 is the Foundation dinner in Bellingham.
Sgt. of Arms - Pat collected happy/sad dollars, as well penalties for not wearing a name tag. 
Misc –
Joanne away for next 2 weeks.
Scott away for a week and then away again the end of Oct – end of November.  
Adjournment – Scott adjourned Business-Executive meeting at 8:20 am.