Jeff Richards - Chairperson
Pat Hahn
Peter Herz
Rick Singh
Deidre O’Ruairc
Brian O’Ruairc
Scott Phemister
Rhonda Latreille

Guest — Balbir Thind

Call to Order and Welcome
Jeff called the meeting to order at 7:15, Scott led the singing of the national anthem, and Deidre provided the invocation.

Pat introduced Balbir Thind as our guest from Semiahmoo Club and commented on her robust contribution to Rotary.

Sgt. at Arms — Scott took penalty donations for lack of name tag and rotary pins.

The Rotary Minute was given by Peter Herz where he shared information about the club in Whistler, BC.  Whistler supports a small regular population of about 12,000 population — with 2 clubs.  Young membership.


Jeff asked everyone to arrive no later than 7 am so that the breakfast order can be placed before the meeting starts.

Christmas Party planned for Wednesday, December 12 at Renee’s social room. 

Membership Event reminder for Wednesday, October 17 at Rotary Field House.

Social will be held on Tuesday, October 16 because of membership meeting on Wednesday.  Rick asked everyone to bring $10 to contribute toward pizza.

Ready - Steady - Go

Pat has tickets ready and distributed to members.  Encouraged members to start selling now.

Scott printed flyers and distributed to group.  It was suggested by Deidre that the flyer blitz should go public closer to the end of October.

Scott has PDF of flyer and will send to membership. 

Rhonda reminded members to start to hand in items for silent auction.


World Polio Day — October 24
It was suggested that we show a video on business meeting about this amazing project.

Rhonda let everyone know about her article regarding Rotary’s impact on eradicating polio and that Joanne was looking to submit it to Peace Arch News for publication closer to October 24.

Deidre will post info on facebook and asks us to share it.

 District Foundation Dinner — Nov 3 — Bellingham, WA
Quite a formal event. 
Our club will be asked for an auction item — about $100 value. Remind us on the 24th.

Foundation Seminar — Nov 3 – 10 am – 3 pm
Good for folks preparing grants, as well as incoming president.   

Rotary Leadership Institute - Nov 21 Port Moody  

Orphanage - Cambodia
Deidre provided an update. 

Chip has put in a substantial number of hours to get a club on board and orphanage on board.

Rotary International now require 3 estimates of all work orders.  This is often not remotely possible in these countries.  Will try a couple more options — very cumbersome and difficult process.

Jerry applied for a District grant — less money but easier.

Talking Stick
In lieu of a regular guest speaker, Jeff suggested the talking stick, commenting that we haven’t done this for a while.  Pick a topic and individuals holding the stick have the floor.

Future Meetings At Ricky’s
It was recommended that we order as we come in and get a coffee pot for the room.  

Agreed that we would follow up and ask the Ricky staff what they suggest to make the breakfast experience even more streamlined and also offer some of our ideas.  Members commented that it was a good experience at this meeting — ordered and finished eating by 8 am.

Guest — Balbir Thind
Jeff confirmed that there are to be no political presentations at Rotary meeting.

Respecting that policy, members simply asked Balbir to explain how the municipal voting system is structured in White Rock.  Balbir explained that in White Rock are the White Rock Coalition and Democracy Direct and some independents.  Citizens can vote for Individuals versus slates.  Although the delegates can campaign as slates, they are not compelled to vote together. 

Next all candidates meeting is this Friday, October 15, 6pm -8pm White Rock Community Centre

 Save On Cards
On behalf of Don Boyce, Rhonda encouraged members to purchase these cards and expressed appreciation for the outstanding support.



Jeff adjourned the meeting at 8:30.