Scribe May 10, 2017
Today we were in the big room but took up most of the chairs.  Don set up though he claimed not to know how and had lots of help.  Only guest was speaker, Gary Hollick.
Jeff read from “Rotary Leader” about a new program tool which requires sign up but could be very useful.  A question was asked about updating our web site but general consensus was it is o.k.
SASSY is Friday.  Pat will attend.
SOCIAL Next week is at Primo’s – a new Mexican restaurant on the White Rock Beach.  The following month will be at “The Wooden Spoon”.
Pat thanked those who put these together.  The Shine The Light Foundation is looking to team up with Rotary to get a grant for Sip and Savour. Stuart, who is one of the people who prepare grant requests, will be away for the next 6 weeks.  There will be a meeting on May 16 at Pat’s office at 4 pm. for an update on grant application procedures.  Rick will get more information on gaming grants.  Gary Hollick’s club gets a grant.  He said it is a bit onerous to set up but easy to administer thereafter.  It is deemed worth persuing especially in light of the recent election.
SHRED-A-THON  Is on Sat. June 3.  6 people plus some wives and children will work there.  Set up is 9 am.  Tables and tents will be required.
Don was fined for hoarding tickets, Brian paid to make sergeant go away, Renee was happy, for a friend, that Ottawa defeated the Rangers, Rick’s wife went to Toronto and his dad came from Toronto (and tired him out).  Rick thanked Peter for Scribe notes.  Patrick had a birthday (money to come), Jeff put in an IOU for being late, and for election results.  He also said he owes Pat a receipt.
SPEAKER Introduced by Jerry.  Gary Hollick spoke on the future of Rotary.  Rotary has not grown from 1.2 million members.  India is growing fast but may not be real.  North America is shrinking.  Rotary needs to change.  It is getting older and networks are disappearing.  Rotary is between step two a three of 5 stages of grieving which are Anger, Denial, Negotiation, Depression, and Acceptance.
We need to get to acceptance and then change.  There are 4 pillars to change.  They are (1) Set goals, (2) Determine what is relevant (we need to recognize a “wow factor” such as good speakers), (3) be social, (4) final pillar is “Service – it is not the first.
Our target group is home owners with wife and children who go to work and have a mortgage to pay.  They are over 30.  We need to go after new people and help them succeed.  That is hard work. Paul Harris got people together for social needs.  The first project, a comfort station, kept people down town and improved business.  Service came later.  We need to make more noise about our local projects.  We need to have fun.  International projects come later.
Rick thanked the speaker.
EXECUTIVE MEETING is next Tuesday – not Wednesday.
5 Club Breakfast is This Saturday the 13th – the day after SASSY.  Everyone is to turn up at 10:30 am for clean up.  One person still owes for tickets.