It is pretty certain that  most people living in the Tri Cities area are already familiar with the story of Amanda Todd.  Amanda's young life ended far too soon and under very tragic circumstances     after she was bullied and endured on line exploitation at the hands of a cyber predator.  She reached out to share her own pain and struggles but the sad reality was that she took her own life.
  From this tragedy, her mother Carol has chosen to honour her daughter's life through establishing the Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation and devoting much of her own life to being an advocate 
  for the issues of youth mental health, suicide and online sexual exploitation.
  Our own Club, along with the other local Tri Cities Clubs and the Douglas College Foundation have chosen to support  the ATL Foundation's work through donations to a Bursary program in the 
  College's Youth and Child Care programme, supporting students who have chosen to work in the area of professional support to vulnerable young people.  Through this initiative, it seemed that 
  having Carol present to us during Youth Month (as designated by Rotary International) was a natural fit.
  Carol spoke about about how she decided to begin the Foundation and about her work to help make both youth and parents aware of the dangers that young people are now exposed to  with
  the evolution of technologies and social media and how to use them in ways that are safe and healthy.
  She left us with a truly beautiful and profound image, likening Amanda..and all young people to a snowflake...unique, and beautiful, but fragile...but roll a bunch of them up together and you get    something much more solid and substantial..not so easily destroyed....a snowball!  
 The snowflake has become the symbol for the ATL Foundation and Carol shared that they are often all around us, just like Amanda's presence,  in the most unexpected places, as she pointed the ceiling of our very own Well! 
 We all recognize the importance of Carol's work and thank her for sharing Amanda's story with us and with others that are open to hearing the message she has to share.