Port Moody
Eagle Ridge Manor

This year we will be dropping off the party supplies and the camera for the staff to prepare and serve and take photos then going back to pick up the camera and get the photos developed.  We will also arrange for Santa.  We will pay the entertainer but Lori will arrange for him.

Club members will need to provide the cake - 4 quarter slabs, mandarin oranges, candy canes, 4 fresh lemons for the punch

punch - recipe (half this year due to COVID)

  • Punch – Cranberry juice and pop, Citrus and pop  
    • 6             2 litres of soda
    • 2              2 litres of cranberry
    • 2              2 litres of orange
    • 2             2 litres of grapefruit

100 paper plates, napkins, forks, spoons

Book Santa - Hugh Mitchell 604-619-4267.  He will need to have a clear mask and shield.

 Drop photos back off at Manor next day or two.