My Experience as a Global Grant Ambassador
Nov 15, 2017
Ingrid Panameno
My Experience as a Global Grant Ambassador

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in El Salvador, Ingrid’s educational experience motivated her to work towards education of children from rural communities in El Salvador. From a young age, she has tutored academic material to middle school children in aims of increasing graduation rates.

Her aspiration to create a higher impact in her community led her to move to Texas and pursue an undergraduate degree in the University of North Texas. Ingrid successfully graduated from UNT with a BS in Economics and minor in Political Science in May 2016. Her eagerness to learn and passion to create a positive impact in the world connected her to Rotary International. Last year, she was selected as the 2016- 2017 Global Grant Scholar for the Rotary Grapevine Club to continue her postgraduate studies in London. She is currently enrolled in the MSc in Local Economic Development at the London School of Economics and she is expected to graduate on December 2017.

During her postgraduate studies, Ingrid participated in debates and school projects to promote sustainable community development in developing countries. In addition to attending Rotary conferences and traveling to Rotary clubs representing the Grapevine Rotary club overseas. With her education and future professional experience, Ingrid aspires to create a non-profit that will provide vocational training and higher education scholarships to teenagers in aims of reducing poverty levels in rural communities in El Salvador.

Ingrid is grateful with the Rotary Grapevine Club for trusting her to represent them overseas and for giving her the opportunity to study in a multicultural institution with leading academic lecturers.