My Colombia Experience
Aug 29, 2018 12:00 PM
Yacine Ndiaye
My Colombia Experience

Yacine is our Global Grant Scholar completing her MSc in Global Health at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She is one of only 7 students offered the opportunity to go on a work/study field trip to Latecia, Colombia this summer as part of her studies. Grapevine Rotary has been awarded a Bluebonnet Society Grant to fund this. She is originally from Senegal and remembers receiving the Polio vaccine from Rotarians there and that sparked her interest in Global Health and in Rotary.

Yacine’s passion for equal access to healthcare drove her to pursue the Master of Global Health at the University of Geneva. She graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Women’s and Gender Studies. Her studies in Biochemistry and Women’s and Gender Studies have enabled Yacine to explore complex health issues through many lenses. In 2017, Yacine won the district 5790 Global Scholar Grant which is allowing her to pursue her Masters in Geneva.

Alongside her academic training, Yacine has had real experience tackling health issues in the field, working as a Sexual Health activist and also as an Environmental Health Technician for the city of Richardson, Texas. 

Growing up in a developing country, Senegal and studying in the United States has given Yacine first-hand experience of global health inequalities. Yacine believes passionately in the role of social justice to enact change. She hopes to influence and implement international policies that ensure and promote health especially maternal and child health globally. After her Masters, she envisions working for an international organization that would provide her with the means and platform to be a fervent advocate for gender equality, education and health; issues that Yacine is very passionate about.

This summer Yacine spent three weeks in the Amazon in Leticia, Colombia for a project on Eco-epidemiology in relation with diarrheal diseases among the indigenous communities there.