Astronaut Training and the Apollo XIII Rescue Efforts
Jun 06, 2018
Bernard Suchocki
Astronaut Training and the Apollo XIII Rescue Efforts

Bernard Suchocki (sue huts’ ski) is a Board Certified trial attorney and a former NASA Engineer who worked at the Flight Crew Training Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Bernard was on one of the NASA engineers who trained Apollo astronauts, including Neil Armstrong.  While he was required to be familiar with all command module systems, his area of expertise and primary training responsibility was in Guidance & Control, which includes the flight software and hardware for navigation, spacecraft control, delta-V burns, IMU alignments, state vector updates and rendezvous targeting.

Bernard was assigned to support the Apollo XIII Mission Operations Team, and he was in the MOCR (Manned Operations Control Room) during the Apollo XIII mission and rescue.   He coordinated computer simulation results with flight controllers and participated in planning the re-entry checklist in meetings with other engineers, Gene Kranz, the Flight Director, and astronaut Ken Mattingly, the command module pilot who was replaced at the last minute because of an exposure to the measles.

Bernard will share his personal knowledge about astronaut training, the Apollo XIII rescue efforts and some of the amazing and extraordinary achievements of the men and woman who helped put an American on the moon at a time when this country was in a national security race for space supremacy.