Living and Teaching in Argentina
Jan 30, 2019 12:00 PM
Lucia Zapata, RITE Teacher
Living and Teaching in Argentina

            My name is Lucía Zapata; I'm 23 years old, and I live in Salto, a small peaceful city in the north of Buenos Aires province, Argentina. 

            I can say I'm a very curious person who enjoys learning which is one of the reasons I've become a teacher.  I read, I investigate, I constantly update to offer learners the best. Not only that, but I can also assure you I learn a lot from my students...that's the best part of my job!  I finished high school in 2012, I went to college and I graduated in 2016 as 'English teacher'.  Currently, I'm working at public, as well as at private, schools mostly in secondary education working with students from 12 to 18 years old.  However, I'm also in primary school and sometimes in kindergarten. 

            When I'm not at school I enjoy reading, cooking and training. I take yoga classes, I practice aerial silks and I work out at the gym.  I'm also taking French classes and, when it is possible, I practice LSA (Argentinian sign language).   I would love to speak more and more languages!!

            I live in my own house with a cat and its kittens, I love them!  My parents live together, and I visit them at least twice a week. I have a little brother who lives in Morón.  He studies at university, and he wants to be a physical therapist. So often as we can, the four of us enjoy meeting for an asado. 

            I’m thankful for this opportunity in Grapevine; I'm learning a lot!!