Decoy 24 *Inside the Undercover Operations of Law Enforcement
Sep 13, 2017
James Davis
Decoy 24 *Inside the Undercover Operations of Law Enforcement

A little boy grows up in a Midwestern farm town.  He spends many of his childhood days pushing a red wagon up a small hill, then jumping in it and steering it furiously down that hill.  All the time he dreams of being a police officer.  Remember, “Don’t quit your day dream.”  By high school, he’s transplanted to the West Coast.  His senior year of high school he attends a Career Day.  He decides once again to become a police officer.  He studies police science at college and hopes to continue his education towards his bachelor’s degree … but Vietnam comes calling!  He is dramatically affected by President Kennedy’s statement in a speech to the nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”  He enlists, volunteers for Vietnam, does a tour in Vietnam, and eventually he’s back in the USA and back in college.

He’ll finish a bachelor’s degree, a master’s, and work on a doctorate.  He’ll work at the county and state levels in the law enforcement profession.  From working cases he’ll eventually move into advanced field training.  He’ll be acknowledged in the journal Young Men in America.  He’ll lecture at three different universities.  Over a period of time he will receive numerous commendations, including the Medal of Merit for Heroism.

He continues to speak publicly throughout the country.  He has been married for forty seven years and is the father of two daughters and a son.  He is active in his community and does volunteer work for his church and for disabled veterans.