How to Help Your Body Heal Itself
Jan 09, 2019 12:00 PM
Dr. John Roland
How to Help Your Body Heal Itself

It seems like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie – by injecting stem cells into your body, many illnesses or conditions can be treated - your injured tissues can be regenerated and your pain and discomfort relieved – naturally. But it’s not science fiction; it’s science fact and it’s here now.

According to Evolution Medicine’s John Roland, MD, a board-certified Family Medicine physician and a certified Stem Cell and Functional Medicine practitioner, stem cells serve as a kind of internal repair system in your body. A building block of the human body, they are capable of dividing for long periods of time, can develop into specialized cells, and they divide, they can make any one of the 220 different cells in the human body. In other words, your body is literally regenerated from within.

In his talk, “How to Help Your Body Heal Itself,” Dr. Roland will share:

  • What stem cells are and how they work to treat disease and injuries
  • What functional medicine is and how regenerative therapy is replacing conventional drug treatments and surgery
  • What conditions and diseases can benefit from stem cell therapy