Gerry Nick of Keller Williams
Pledge of Allegiance – Mary Rose
Four Way Test – Irma Roche
Words of Inspiration – Bill Smith
Feb 27 – Vision to Learn Kick-off- LB
March 4 – Induction Meeting
March 21 – 321 Go To End Polio – Griffith Park
May 3 – Beer and Wine – Botanical Gardens
Where have they gone?  South Bay Sunrise was down some 11 members this morning. Looked like a Skeleton Crew for breakfast...Probably still recovering from the effects of the Post-Oscar-Parties…DG Elsa will be here next week.
Bill Smith 
Generous Mr. Smith offered up a 4 tickets to see Kenny Loggins at Norris Theatre ($300.00 per ticket value).  You will join Bill and his lovely wife Debbie in a balcony box which also comes with a meet and greet. First takers score the tickets.
Paul Harris Chair Bill Smith also had some Rotary business to dispense. Bill stated that due to her dedication to serve and some hyperactivity on Todd Cruser’s part, Irma Morris is now a Paul Harris Fellow. Way to go Irma!


Lawrence Young was cited by President Rosie for walking in late…“I work to pay my fines!”  said Lawrence. His question from Ken Hovsepian was to determine the manner in which the 45.2 Karat Hope Diamond was delivered to the Smithsonian ----as it happens not by any profound means, no armored vehicle, no special service- just good ole US Postal Service... (Although the rock obviously got to its destination-Think I would have fired the guy in change of shipping on that one.)

Happy 110 Anniversary

President Rosy reported that Tuesday February 24th marked the 110 anniversary of Rotary… also marked 30 years of the campaign to end Polio. Rotary now is 1.2 million members strong.
Intermission- Basketball 
Last week Rosie’s husband David attended a basketball game at the Long Beach Pyramid, UC Davis vs. CSULB (this is where Laker fans are now going to watch basketball). It also happened to be Rotary day and at half time LB Rotary presented a check for a whopping $204,000 to CSULB for scholarship monies. Most important – Long Beach State won the game- go Beach.    
321 Go to End Polio
Jim Beardsley passed out 321 postcards for the upcoming event March 21st at Griffith Park. Jim asked members to sign up as a team on line.  Jim also reported that he was meeting with the District Governor today regarding this event. Look for South Bay Sunrise as you register. Volunteers please contact Ruth Kurihara. This is a District Event.
PETS Glow  
Yes, she did have that look…Ruth Kurihara survived a weekend at PETS and gave SBSR some of her thoughts. Ruth said it felt like the first day of school. Although initially overwhelmed, Ruth met many like-minded people, heard very inspiring stories, and learned a bunch of good stuff. To help her navigate the next term Ruth really would like members communicate their vision of what the club should do/look like/ progress by writing their thoughts on her Vision Board.

South Bay Beer & Wine Festival

Marianne Kelchner reported that to date we have 31 Breweries, 14 Restaurants, 5 wineries lined up for the May 3rd Beer and Wine event …
(I think maybe at this point we can pump the brakes on the beer vendors). “Now we just need somebody to drink the beer” Marianne quipped.  More restaurant, winery leads and auction items still must be procured.
Bob Kelchner said we can start selling tickets for the event and also noted that we will need some 50 pop-up tents and some 60 volunteers for the event.
Lawrence Young brought up a good suggestion regarding the tenting – rather than borrowing members EZ –Ups and Pop-ups - we will look at utilizing a rental company to provide a uniform canopy or canopies.
Gerry Nick colleague of President Rosie at Keller Williams - was here to talk ostensibly about Sports Safety.
The theme of his presentation however was really about maintaining a positive outlook on life regardless of what adversity it may bring. Mr. Nick shared that about 8 years ago his daughter Elizabeth, age 12 at the time, suffered a serious brain injury at a routine Pop Warner cheerleading practice. Mr. Nick said that this tragedy changed his own perspective on life – brought him a much greater appreciation for things, little things, being in the moment, being with family, being more grateful. He stated that while work is important, family should always be a priority.
The progress of Elizabeth seems to be very slow but steady. Mr. Nicks stated that it is important to celebrate the tiny achievements or milestones as victories that his daughter has accomplished. She has gone from being in an unresponsive, vegetative state, fed with a G–tube; to now relearning how to walk and able to drink water…
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