Foundation Board Meeting 6/11 (Thursday) David & Karens Residence 
Planning Meeting 2pm – 5 pm 6/13 (Sat) Ruth Residence                        
District Assy- Carson Community Ctr 7am-1pm   6/20                  Pledge – Joanna Farmer
Demotion Party- Blue Water Grill Redndo Bch 6pm 6/20                Invoc- Jess Knauft  
Softball 7/18           
Yuko Saito Rodriguez- Velur Enterprises, Inc.
Stu Levy- Del Amo Rotary
Rachel Lin – Lawrence Young’s guest
Gilbert – Ruth Kurihara’ s guest 
Your bulletin is brought to you today by hearsay, innuendo, and other unfounded information. In- other words just like the LA Times.   
Rumor has it that La Presidenta Rosy Riera started the meeting a good many ticks after 7:15 and then fined Lawrence Young for being late (???)… Todd Cruser was also fined for asking Rosy and Ruth to schedule the demotion party for the 3rd week of June instead of last week of June- which was done- and is still going to miss the party.        
Bell Ringer
Apparently Todd heard one too many bone shattering clangs and stole the mini-bat from President Rosy… Note to SBSR’s – if Rosy can hit a softball as hard as she hits the bell…bat her 4th in the lineup for the 7/18 softball game.
Rotarian of the Year
Congratulations go out to Todd Cruser for earning Rotarian of the Year 2014-2015! He was presented said award today because again he will not be here on the 20th. Rosy stated that he was selected especially for his membership efforts, hard work and being a good right hand man. Rosy called him the “Speedy Gonzalez” of our club.   Congratulations Todd.
Thank You
Rosy shared a thank-you letter from Isabell Khadka –Secretary of Rotary Club of Kathmandu. They were the recipients of an SRSR check for $500.00 to help with Earthquake relief.
 Jim Beardsley announced that the RAT RIDE registration is up approximately 20% already this year and that SBSR has fired Active as the advertiser. Apparently Active will still be used for registration.           
Marianne Kelchner gave SBSR’s a lesson in Club-runner. Marianne showed the club how to update member profiles, utilize the email function and navigate the easy search links on the Club-runner site. She encouraged members to use it and get comfortable with its properties. We also learned from David Henseler that SBSR will be opening up the accounting function of club-runner and therefore billing members thru it.
John Kirk $500.00 Raffle   Winner!!!!!   
Raffle sched     
Irma Roche 6/17
Milt Rosen 6/24
Bill Smith 7/1
Sandra Villalobos 7/8
Merv Watkins 
Lawrence Young
IN CASE YOU MISSED…You can make up here..