4-15-2015 South Bay Sunrise Bulletin
Relay for Life 4/25 SHS
New Member Induction 4/29
Beer and Wine Festival   5/3/2015 S. Coast Botanical
Dist. Conf 5/14 5/17 Coronado San Diego
 Flag Salute- Margie Beierschmitt 
                                                                            Four Way Test- Bob Kelchner
Guests                                                                 Words of Inspiration and Blessing –Jess Knauft
Rich Marcello - Strand Brewing Co. 
Tony Chow
Max Huang 
Be like buffaloes –They like to move and work together and will plow through and carry on, no matter how cold.
La Presidenta fined herself five big ones for confusing prospective new members Max Huang and Tony Chow (and Tony’s fiancée) in a recent email regarding the Rotary Day of Service … Question for President Rosie was to determine the vegetable that was sent to the afterlife with the mummified kings…I heard overtures from the gallery that included garlic, squash, olives and even grapes…all incorrect. The Onion was the symbol of eternity in ancient Egypt.
Need a few volunteers …
to pass out RBBT cards at the Special Olympic Bike ride that will take place this Saturday at the Redondo Beach Pier. The riders for that event may be interested in riding our event. If possible a few SBSR members can set up and stay for an hour or so…. 4/16 update- Beach City Bikes will put cards on tables… No volunteers.
Rotary Day of Service follow- up … approximately 24 people showed up to work at the ARC house this past Saturday…  Lawrence Young did a great job organizing the labor. As Bob Kelchner put it – we’d still be there scratching our heads if Lawrence wasn’t directing the work. Everything was accomplished with the exception of the installation of rain gutters (should take them back to home depot and pocket the cash???)
   OK- where is that escape clause for next year…..
It’s official… SBSR Rotary club foundation was officially incorporated last week according to Warren Kelly. A board meeting took place, minutes taken, election of officers – the whole nine yards… This was necessitated by the bank that holds our foundation account…
US Bank, rightly so, wanted to see a more official entity… Warren reported that the details – such as how often officers will be elected and so forth is still to be determined. Minutes will be distributed to whoever wants to see them (full disclosure/transparency/the old Obama line)....…He suggested that the board will meet again in July sometime, after the Beer and Wine and before the Rat Beach Bike Tour.
Beer and Wine… 5/3/2015… is Karen Greenberg these days… She said that even for a short retreat in San Felipe the event crept into the corners of her brain… not even a few libations was helpful  (suggest stronger medication)…Fortunately her vision of 500 or so patron’s will be exceeded; to date already 400 have paid! In fact next year’s event may need to be moved to a bigger venue…Karen also reported that a few glitches have been encountered- (parking) -however nothing too onerous at this point...
Alpine Village recently called to see if they could join the party…
Who’s on your pillow case? …
Warren Kelly’s daughter Sophia has an Elsa and Anna polyester pillow case that was getting pretty gamey. The precious pillowcase wasn’t going anywhere however as it had tremendous value to Sophia. Let’s just say it was frozen on her bed… (had to give it a shot).  Warren happened to mention the dilemma to Mary Rose Jeffry in passing. The next thing you know, Mary Rose presented a very suitable stitched cotton replacement to Warren…
Rich Marcello, VP of Strand Brewing Co. talked today about his company and gave a lesson in branding. Mr. Marcello pointed out that he rejected several times, Margie Beierschmitt’ s invitation to speak as he and those in his industry are typically not morning people. However Margie’s persistence prevailed.
Strand Brewing Co. manufactures premium hand crafted ale. Rich Marcello and Joel Elliot (President and Master Brewer) started the company about 5 years ago out of a 1000 square foot building in Torrance. Rich and Joel are essentially partners but Rich ended up taking the VP role because as he says – VP’s tend to age much better than presidents... Mr. Marcello says premium hand crafted ales is who they are and decisions regarding marketing and distribution- really anything- always goes back to one question… is it premium handcrafted ale? If it represents premium hand crafted ale, then it can be considered.
Developing the name Strand Brewing Company, South Bay, beach vibe, having a good time, high quality all were ideas that went into the thought process. It turns out that the Strand is the one thread that links all of these together. A lifeguard tower is in their logo which is a great symbol of the area.
The Strand Brewing Company is currently expanding out of that 1000 square foot building into 36,000 square feet structure remaining in the Torrance area.
Raffle sched.
Bob K                          4/22
Marianne K                  4/29
Warren K                     5/6     
John K                          5/13 Ruth Kurihara    5/20    Jean Morris        5/27               Larry Ott                       6/3
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