3-04-2015 Newsletter
District Governor Elsa Gillham & Larry Gillham
PDG Ingo Werk and Mary Werk
David Schwarts (Rosie Riera)
Mike Talleda Retired US Army- Wounded Heros
PDG -David Moyer – 5280 Foundation Chair
Linda Highland (Rosie Riera)
Retired US Army Sargent Gil Rojas and Mrs. Rojas
International Date Night -Dirty South Soul Food -Lawndale 3/11/15
321Go to End Polio-Griffith Park 3/21/15
Beer and Wine Festival   5/3/2015
Dist. Conf 5/14 – 5/17 Coronado San Diego                                     
Demotion 6/20/2015
Pledge of Allegiance – Sergeant Gil Rojas
Four Way Testof the things we say and do- Mary Rose
Words of Inspiration and Blessing – Pastor Jess Knauft 
         “Its fine to celebrate success but more important to heed the lessons of failure” - Bill Gates
Let them Eat Cake!!!
President Rosie Riera celebrated the March Birthdays (and one February). Members Todd Cruser, John Kirk, Joanna Farmer (at this point she was 4/5 a member…) Irma Roche and Feb birthday Jess Knauft (4/5ths) received a chocolate cake with a solitaire candle on top. Ken Hovsepian also let it be known that his grandson was having his 5th birthday.
Another PH Fellow…
Bill Smith - Congratulated and recognized our newest Paul Harris victim - I mean Paul Harris fellow…Sandra Villalobos. Congratulations!
321 Go!
Jim Beardsley stated that things are going forward for the district event. If you haven’t already done so please register …  www.321gotoendpolio.com
Dirty Soul Food Date Nite
Next Wed 6:30… Jim Beardsley set up a date night at Dirty South Soul Food in Lawndale… Black eyed peas, Fried Catfish, Collard Greens…you get the idea. Jim said he did a food tasting the other evening and his gizzard survived quite nicely…
Beer and Wine-
Karen Greenberg met with the Editor of Beer Paper Los Angeles, Daniel Drennan – Said he has done a fantastic job of assisting and securing breweries- so much so that were going to comp him a ticket. A fabulous ad will be running in his paper.  
Vision Recap-
Todd Cruser recapped the Friday Vision to Learn event at Whittier Elementary School in Long Beach. Some 65 glasses were provided and the new electric van was on display. Todd said it was very touching to see the kids get the help they need. He said that one in seven children in elementary school have significant vision issues and need corrective measures. There were many dignitaries present including the Mayor of Long Beach- BTW- Todd confessed that he was the only one there without a suit…or undershirt.
Vocational Scholarship Grant
A new rotary program.  This scholarship was developed for individuals who are not going to college but are directing their efforts to a particular technical vocational field. David Moyer reported that this year some 6 scholarships will be given out. Mr. Moyers presented a check to former veteran Mr. Gil Rojas. This scholarship ($3506) is going to pay the tuition of Animal Training College for Mr. Rojas to ultimately train dogs to assist veterans who need help. Mr. Rojas was very gracious and thankful for the assistance and is very hopeful that he can help his brothers and sisters who have come back from war.
Mike Talleda also talked about the importance of the animals and their therapeutic nature to the vets.
Jess Knauft and Joanna Farmer were officially inducted into the club. District Governor Elsa Gillham did the honors and was very complementary of SBSR, thanked the club for taking on the VIBRANT theme. DG Elsa recognized the sponsors first and presented them with their pins, Rosie Riera who sponsored Joanna Farmer and Margie Beierschmitt who sponsored Jess Knauft.
SBSR learned a few tidbits of our newest member’s bios- We learned that Joanna, formerly employed by the insurance industry now works with Rosie at Keller Williams in the real estate business. Joanna is a transplant from the Northern Cal area and has a Siberian Husky that guards her house. Her husband is Tim. We also learned that Jess Knauft is a senior pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Redondo Beach for over 16 years. Jess’ family includes a daughter who is a Lieutenant in the Navy, flies SH 60 Romeo helicopters (think Blackhawk) and son who is a math teacher – looking to continue studies at UC Berkeley. Jess is married to his wife Debbie.
PDG and Foundation Chair David Moyers initially covered a new topic with SBSR namely Peace and Conflict Resolution Center. Worthy candidates selected by Rotary Clubs, have their resumes forwarded to Rotary International for selection. The recipients are finance by the World Fund; go thru a one year program to these Peace Centers. As many as 60 candidates can be in the program. …
David Moyers asked, “How many ways can you donate to the foundation?- The answer- "as many ways as you want!” However to find a good way to be consistent go to rotarydirect.com. A method for direct donation is provided.
David Moyers pointed out that the Vocation Scholarship award given today was a great example of how the Annual Fund works. Monies go in- 3 years later, revenue only comes back to the district and subsequently clubs for good use. 
The different levels of Paul Harris Achievement in case your wondering--
Paul Harris Fellow- 1000 of cash and/or recognition points.
Paul Harris Society– 1000 of cash only (no recognition points) every year.
Major Donor 10,000 dollars
Arch Klump society member 250,000
Endowment fund, Polio Plus, Annual Fund, World Fund were all discussed in some detail. David noted that the Annual Fund is the vehicle by which the funding comes back to the clubs and districts that get leveraged – where the donations from the club get multiplied by sometimes tenfold.
It will be estimated that a total amount of 1.9 billion dollars will have been spent on Polio Eradication-
David asked that Rotarian make the Rotary Foundation the first choice in your charitable giving.
No raffle winner – pot over $880.00          
IN CASE YOU MISSED…You can make up here.. http://portal.clubrunner.ca/50010/ClubDirectory