Anutza Bellissimo explained her methods to transfer anger and stress into personal power and success.  She had us all repeat after her "I am a genius and I use my wisdom daily".  We need to learn how to use our genius to change the way we deal with situations that bring stress and anger into our lives.  She advised us to gain control by letting go and to follow our intuitive gut feelings.  Unhealthy relationships are most often due to communications breakdowns so we should discuss problems and not suppress our emotions.  Be more aware of body language as it represents 80% of communication.

More about Anutza

Anutza Bellissimo, CAMF
Director of the Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC, Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach


  • Teaching effective inter-personal communications tools, strategies and techniques
  • Coaching executives through professional transition.
  • Providing stress and anger management education to executives and staff

Anutza Bellissimo is an Educator and Executive Coach in psycho-education; communication skills, emotional intelligence, stress management and anger management. She specializes in the use of innovative educational tools and curriculums to bring about a user-friendly approach to both stress and anger management education and effective personal communications skills. Over the last decade, Anutza has worked with leaders, executives and decision makers to gain clarity while working through difficult transition points in their careers, offering proven strategies for personal empowerment in challenging situations. Anutza has a simple personal goal: to demonstrate her commitment to her clients through integrity and providing education to help individuals and their companies to grow professionally, culturally and financially. Her clients include executives from Honeywell, Grubb & Ellis, Northup & Grumman, VH1, Office Depot, E!Network, and others. She holds a number of certifications, some of which are: executive coaching, diplomat in executive anger management, executive stress and anger management, and motivational interviewing.

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