Overcoming obstacles to polio eradication in Pakistan

A Rotary volunteer administers polio drops to a child missed by earlier rounds in Pakistan.

By Alina A. Visram, manager, Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee

When I first joined Pakistan’s PolioPlus Committee (PNPPC) as a manager close to eight years ago, polio eradication seemed within our reach. I used the opportunity to study poliomyelitis beyond just perceiving it as “a crippling disease.” I researched the causes and consequences; the types of polio virus; modes of prevention; and how elusive the virus can be given the right conditions.

Then in 2012, the dynamics of my country changed. We were faced with hostile militants, who refused to allow polio teams to vaccinate children in their territory. Our front line workers were regularly targeted for their work during campaigns.

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Posted by Jim Hartman on Aug 04, 2017

Cozette Vergari is a member of the State Bar of California and is also admitted to practice law before the United States District Federal Court for the Central District of California. Aside from litigation, she is trained in mediation, and has received Court appointments as legal counsel for minor children in high conflict custody battles. Cozette established her own law firm in 1996, subsequently overseeing well over 1000 client matters in the areas of Family Law and Trust and Estates.

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Posted on Jun 16, 2017

End Polio Now - Rotary

At the Rotary International Convention, global leaders and key donors affirm their commitment to ending polio

With polio on the brink of eradication, nations from around the world and key donors pledged more than $1 billion on Monday to energize the global fight to end the paralyzing disease.  

Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said ending polio would be one of the world’s greatest achievements. 

"Polio is the thing I spend the most time on. Everyday I look at my email to see if we have a new case," Gates said. "I'm very inspired to be part of this. I'm also very humbled."

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