Posted by Bruce Attig on Oct 27, 2017
If you were unable to attend this week’s “Thursday” night live, you missed a wonderful event.  This turned out to be an almost Fairy Tale send-off for our Rotary family members Kjell and Cheryl Helberg.  Unfortunately, Cheryl was tied up with relocation duties so Kjell was tasked with taking all the attention.

The evening was magical as our chariots crested the top of the Palos Verdes hill leading to Kathy and Joe Anderson’s Castle on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean.  Upon arrival, we crossed a bridge spanning a crystal clear chlorine treated moat (no piranha’s or crocodiles were evident) in order to reach the inside main gate.  As would be expected, Sentry Judy Maruszko vigilantly stood guard outside the Portcullis requiring proper documentation and registration of guests – by order of HRM Queen Lynne Neuman.   Once allowed access we were presented with a veritable feast of strange Swedish delicacies and endless libations.
With Chalices in hand we toasted our Honoree Kjell  (who is departing for a strange land called Texas) while numerous admirers regaled the crowd with tales of his many feats and accomplishments.  Sir Helberg was very modest about his time spent with our group, which only reinforces why he will be missed.  Fortunately for us, he promises to come back often for visits!

So as the sun set on this fairytale evening, we watched the sun fade over the horizon, reminisced about the good times we’ve had with rotary friends and dared to imagine the great adventures yet to experience!