Posted by Joan Behrens on Aug 23, 2018
Friday, August 23’s Rotary Meeting saw a “full house,” as many of our Rotarians returned from trips and summer vacations. This was also the occasion of the induction of former PVP Rotarian and past Club president John Polin back into our Club.
Friday’s program featured the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Chamber President and CEO Eileen Hupp. Our Rotary Club has been a sponsor of this program for the last three years.
“These young people,” explained Eileen, “work with us three hours every Tuesday evening for four months during the school year. They begin with a concept for a product, and we work with them through every phase of launching their business, including presenting their concept to a panel of actual investors.
Three of these Young Entrepreneurs presented their products to the assembled Rotarians. The first was Daniella Vincent, and her product was Two Hearts 
Bracelets, a unique piece of jewelry for both mothers and their daughters.
The second student, Lukas Jarasunas, has designed and manufactured rearview mirrors for skiers. These Ski & See devices are available either on a headband, as an add-on to a ski helmet, or as permanently mounted on a helmet. With a patent pending for this product, Lukas is awaiting responses from ski equipment manufacturers.
The third entrepreneur, Hope Arnett, presented her Build It, Learn It kit for elementary school children. This rubber band-based car can be constructed by students in class while they learn basic principles of physics.
Concluding Friday’s program was Derek Gable, an inventor and entrepreneur who mentors the students each Tuesday evening of the program. In addition to assisting students in the complicated patent application process, he feels one of his most important contributions is teaching students a variety of people skills. Derek emphasized that today’s youth must look at the future in a different way than our generation, as they do not know the jobs or careers that will be available when they reach adulthood. He concluded with his appreciation for our Club’s support of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.