Posted by Nehzat Nikakhtar on May 18, 2018

Aaron Peirce and Sabrina Bertini from the Fred Astaire Dance studio in Redondo Beach

Bruce Attig introduced the speakers Aaron Peirce and Sabrina Bertini from the Fred Astaire Dance studio in Redondo Beach (on P.C.H and P.V. Blvd.).
Monica Allen, from the Dance studio introduced Aaron Pierce the speaker who is from new jersey and has been a dance instructor for 8 years .
He mentioned that he has been member of the Rotary club there and has helped with Hurtleberry  Foundation...
Aeron emphasized the Benefit of dancing as a hobby, can be taken anywhere with you, it can help with memory increase, prevention of dementia, build up confidence reduce the stress and depression, therefore help with the emotional and physical health, weight loss
 (400 calorie loss per each 3-minute sessions of dancing equal to one hour of treadmill)l
He spoke about his 93 years old dance student in his studio, who competes in dance competitions and is very happy and healthy Bb dancing 2 hours a week
He said that not only you are spending time in a fun environment but also studies at Harvard medical school lately has proven the positive effect of dancing on the Mental health, by improving focus and concentration, Awareness, Confidence, Self-impression.
Aeron then asked Sabrina Bertini to join him for the demonstration of the basic dance steps for
Cha Cha , Waltz, Tango and Merengue Dances, which was very entertaining.
Aaron then asked for the audience to stand up and practice the basic dance steps individually in the room, which was also entertaining and fun.
For the Q&A session;
 Alan Bond asked Aaron about the position of the head of dancers away from each other, Aaron answer was that dances like Waltz represent its historical time, which intimate dancing was not appropriate and also opposite head positions of dancers helps with the direction for the couple’s movements in the ballrooms preventing collusions!
Phyllis Pelezare asked about the return of the Discotheques?
He said that programs like “Dancing with the Stars” is helping with the return of the ballroom dances and dancing in general.
John------ asked about the duration of training for people who have no rhythm?
Not too long, Aaron called them people with 2 two left foot and he said that he has had many students with 2 left feet, which although different in any individual, but they have learned to dance with rhythm eventually.
Meeting was adjourned by Rick Mendoza at 1,30 pm.