Nov 01, 2019
LAFD Fire Capt. Jeane Barrett
Women Who Fight Fires

Redondo Beach resident Captain Jeane Barrett, is a 15-year firefighting veteran and 24-year lifeguard who currently assigned to the fire station located in Rolling Hills Estates on Indian Peak accross from the Norris Center.  In a recent article in South Bay Magazine, Barrett said,  “I had good people in my life. One tricked me into becoming a lifeguard when I was a senior in high school. It opened my world to careers that I hadn’t even thought of. Full-time lifeguard or firefighter was not in my plans. But when I was in college, I realized that a desk wasn’t for me. I had developed a need for adrenaline.

“There are a ton of women out there that are perfect for this job,"  Barrett said.  "You have just got to know what you are getting yourself into and have the right personality for it, which is true of men and women. It’s still not perfect for all women, and it’s hard. I never sugarcoat it. If you are up for the challenge, then you are perfect for the fire department.”  Our speaker will be introduced by club past president Suzy Zimmerman.