Posted by Paul Rubicam on Jul 21, 2017
Alternate Meeting Venue at the Rolling Hills Country Club

The Rotary Club of Palos Verdes Peninsula met at an alternate venue on July 21, with some 35 members and a couple of guests in attendance.  The meeting was held at the Rolling Hills Country Club in East Palos Verdes.


At that meeting were: Kathleen Anderson, Bruce Attig, Juan Bueno, John Cameron, Allan Colman, Nancy Crawford, Juliet  DeMoss (who had a guest), Norton Donner, Liz Fitzgerald, Jack Goldberg, Soraya Greeenway, James Hartman, Eileen Hupp, Jackie Ignon, Harry Kidder, Joey Komada, Lee Henry, Marc Mazoro, Peter McCormack, Rick Mendoza, Hang up Moon, Geoffrey Nadler, Lynne Neuman, Henry Ott, Julia Parton, Phyllis Pelezare, Paul Rubincam, Greg Sparkman, Christopher Stillians, Jennifer Sullivan, Duncan Sutton, and Suzy Zimmerman.


President Neuman rang the meeting open at about 12:20 , introduced Rick Mendoza, who gave a very  appropriate Invocation, and Jim Hartman, who led a pledge of allegiance to a virtual American Flag.

Henry Lee and Hang Up Moon sang a marvelous (on tune) “God Bless America”.   Guest introductions was led by Jennifer Sullivan, but with only one non-Rotary guest, Andrew Kim, of J.P. Morgan, it was a fairly short guest segment.


Then there were a couple of announcements, including one by Jennifer Sullivan, offering a most attractive way to obtain some good wine “left overs” from a wine festival, with a great price – nothing! That was followed by Liz Fitzgerald addressing the next Rotary in the Home event.


The high light, of course, was provided by Tores Knos, a Rotarian from the Playa Venice Sunrise Club, who was introduced by Bruce Attig.  The speaker gave a riveting description of his hiking along the Appalachian trial on the Atlantic seacoast.  His particular trip spanned nearly 6 months of hiking. He described how rewarding it was to complete that hike and gave numerous examples of the kindness and care the local residents along the Trail gave to hikers such as he was.  The hike, if done in full, went from Georgia in the South, to Maine in the far North, and his colorful descriptions included a history of the Trail, and multiple references to the hostels, and shelters along the way.  The culmination of his journey was reaching the Maine border, and learning that to that date, he had hiked 80% of the distance, but expended only 20% of the effort needed to finish.


He received a warm round of applause.


Member Alert !! _ no meeting on July 28 – but there is a Wednesday Night Live you don’t want to miss on July 26 – at the Palos Verdes Country Club