Moving - From Projects to Functional Science

by Jim McFarland

Jordan referred us to her email on Friday 9/10 for the thought of the day. 9/11 Memorial -  Scott Yanofsky mentioned that the gentleman that organized the transport of the 9/11 debris for the memorial at the fire house was there. . . . Camp Pendleton dropoff was a success. Our Tour de Pier team raised $9,432. Thank you, Rotarians!!. . . Happy birthdays and anniversaries.  Notable anniversaries -  the Russos’ 62 years  and Hugunins’ 55!!
Joel Ruben talked and sang to us about Rosh Hashanah and upcoming Yom Kippur. This is the time of year for reflection, accountability and repentance.  Embodies the idea of service above self! 
Nina Patel spoke about a recent trip to SoFi Stadium for a possible tour.  Sounded great!  Who would like to go for a tour???  $30, $39, and $49 packages.  She will be sending us an invite!
Optimist Made
Rochelle Webb, CEO of Optimist Made and professor at Loyola Marymount.  Optimist Made is a global marketplace that celebrates designers on the rise from around the world and gives them a platform to sell here in the states. They tell their stories and act as their US-based distribution partner. They/she also give a portion of proceeds to charities across the globe in order to create a network effect of good.
Applied Functional Science
Todd Wright,  assistant coach and vice president of player performance, spoke to us about applied functional science, including bio, physical, and behavioral sciences.
We learned:
  • Tensegrity = Tension and Integrity in ligaments muscles and tendons.
  • It is important to MOVE!!  
  • Viscosity, elasticity, and plasticity.  Pain in one area can be from a problem somewhere else.  
  • Psoas muscle attaches to the femur and runs up to the ribs. 26 bones on the foot; 206 in the body.
  • Walking in the sand is great for the feet and the body.  Three-dimensional movement. Front to back side to side.
  • Stretch every morning.  “Melt the Fuzz!”
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