Our new President, Ken Demmer says Thank You to our Past President, Mark Burton
Our New President
by Jim Hallett
It was Monday, July 9, 2018, the first day of the reign of President Ken Deemer. The pregnant theme of Lisa Hemmat-Lupercio’s thought of the day was new beginnings, which started with our taking a hiatus from reciting the four-way test, but not until Wonder Woman demanded to know where it went. We were back in our old haunt, the Parkview room in the now-Westdrift Hotel. Our guests included Assistant District Governor Charisse Older.
P.S. I Love You
Patricia Jones of P.S. I Love You filled us in on their work. They provide social and emotional learning programs for young people. Upcoming is their annual Day at the Beach on July 28 from 10 to 3. They need 300 adults to match up with 300 kids, with 150 adults signed up so far. And they still need sponsors.
Larry Johnson announced the upcoming celebration trip to Niger, following the successful WASH campaign. It will take place Sept. 24-28 and we are invited…..Jan Rhees passed around cards to sign for Charlie Steinmetz following the loss of his mother, and for Joanne and Jim Hunter, marking their 50th wedding anniversary……President Ken announced that all craft talks will be filmed from now on and then led us in an extended ovation for Past President Mark Burton.
Annual Dues
Jay Harkenrider explained our upcoming dues statements. They include lines for voluntary contributions to the club foundation permanent fund and the RI Foundation. We can pay through Club Runner (3% fee), but let Jay know if you do that. Here’s what makes Jay’s job easiest:  Fill out the form, then pay, with separate checks, for the RI Foundation, the Club Foundation, and the Club dues.
Board of Directors
President Ken called upon each of his Board members to give a brief introduction to their upcoming year, as teasers before the next meeting’s more detailed reports.  Board Members and Presenters included:
Dan Gendron, President-Elect
Mark Lipps, Youth
Cedric Tuck-Sherman, Community
Richard Montgomery, Programs
Tim Hageman, Vocational
Lisa Hemmat-Lupercio, Social
Jordan Holbert, Marketing
Jason Hearne, Secretary
Jay Harkenrider, Treasurer
James Kennedy, International
Dave Long, Membership
President Ken Deemer Craft Talk
What we really wanted to hear was Ken Deemer’s craft talk, and it was a doozy. (Paul Allman is no longer the most interesting man in the world.)  Ken was born in Ohio. His parents met in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where his dad was in an MIT PhD program and his mom was in a Harvard PhD program. Ken’s dad ended up working at University of Kansas for 15 years, and the family tagged along. 
Ken Deemer - The Early Years
Young Ken was a space nut, much taken with Sputnik, NASA, and much else.  (He remembers hearing “The Eagle Has Landed” while on his short wave radio in the mountains of Greece.) In his early years he was shipped off to military school, from which he was expelled.  He, like his dad, went to MIT, where the FBI raided his room—he was convicted of a misdemeanor for creating a device to make free phone calls. At one point his dad got a grant to visit every university in Central and South America—and, as usual, the family tagged along. His dad was also a devoted Rotarian, even as he moved all over, and became president of two Rotary clubs.
Ken cited his primary influences in his young life, including Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis, Buckminster Fuller, and Richard Fineman—quite an eclectic group. Galen Rowell inspired Ken’s still active love for photography and mountains.
Tech Coast Angels
Ken made his way to California and Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo, where he worked on telecommunications satellites. He somewhat switched gears and got an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. That led him to Silicon Valley, managing marketing and raising venture capital. He did some of this for First Interstate Bank and then engaged in his own venture capital partnership for 15 years, supporting early stage tech companies. This evolved into Tech Coast Angels, a new partnership. His primary career has thus been entrepreneurship, supporting entrepreneurs, and executive coaching.
Ken Deemer - Family Man
Somehow Ken has fit an equally compelling personal life into all this. He met Candy on a blind date. An ad exec, she wrote a book, Dancing On A Glass Ceiling. She moved on to LMU’s executive program and then wrote a novel as well. They married in 1985. (Candy and all three of their sons showed up for this craft talk.) Kevin, a Brown grad, is an executive in New York City. Andy is a musician and sound engineer, who attended the Berklee College of Music, and is part of a reggae band. Brian is at Cal Poly SLO in engineering. Joey is a dog. This family travels together, including one year living in Barcelona.
Ken values adventure, curiosity, wonder, creativity, beauty, freedom, responsibility, friendship and service. Ken and Candy started up the Los Angeles chapter of SVP—Social Venture Partners, with special focus on education. He has been a regular at Burning Man, including one memorable trip there with all three of his sons.
Ken’s involvement with the Environmental Charter Schools introduced him to Charlie Steinmetz, who sponsored him into Rotary. For Ken today, “Rotary is like family.”  Ken closed his talk by outlining his goals for the year:
1.To be member-driven,
2. To serve those less fortunate
3. To raise our profile in the community.
4. To have fun.
Whatever happens, it’s going to be quite a ride!