Rams' House

by Don Jung

Prior to the start of the meeting, early attendees were talking about the Rams’ Super Bowl win and the parking hassles leaving the stadium. John Acker said he was dropped off where he had to walk a mile to get to the site. Debby Arnold said it was a nightmare leaving thestadium. Jeff Serota had the best option – he walked to the Starbucks on Prairie and had no problems leaving the arena. He also was surprised that he saw more Bengal fans than hometown fans, and they were more vocal than the local crowd during the entire event.

President Jordan Holbert started the virtual meeting with Dan Saks leading in the flag salute. Instead of doing his usual sports recap, Ian Jackson nominated Bob Stephenson to talk about the big game. Bob had his blue-glazed Rams doughnuts before the game and then talked about Cooper Kupp and the LA comeback to win the game 23-20.  
Honoring Tom Brady
Then President Jordan showed Don Jung’s YouTube video honoring Tom Brady’s retirement with the song “Say It Ain’t So.” It highlighted his entire career with captions of his remarkable football feats and playing until age 44, something unheard of in NFL history.
Hilary Mahan announced Operation Teddy Bear with the Moffett Elementary School will be done this Tuesday, February 15th, from 1 p.m. on and sent the link to participate to everyone’s e-mail address.
Therapy Using Psychedelics
Ellen Lubman  of Werewolf Therapeutics then talked a few minutes about depression therapy and introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Mark Shortt. He spoke about his clinics, Field Trip Health,  that treat patients for depression and other neurological disorders.
He gave a history of psychedelics that have been used to treat depression. Psychedelics means “mind manifesting” in Greek.  The idea is to get patients familiar with their inner world. The psychedelic effects have evolved over the years, most notably during the Vietnam War where it was used with morphine to be an antidepressant. Sometimes used as an injection to get the patient to an altered state, the integration session would result in favorable results in most cases.
He discussed ketamine as a possible effective drug to be used to expand the consciousness of the patient to recreate their view of the world. It is not covered by most health insurance companies at this time, but he stated this is an ongoing process. 
The program was adjourned by President Jordan.