Jan 27, 2020
George Ciampa
Present George with $1K check for his foundation

George is the WWII Vet who came to speak to the club.  We're going to present him with a $1K check for his foundation. 


"The High Price Of Freedom." Veterans, like myself, who did the jobs we had in the military during wartime are very aware of the high price of Freedom.  Medics and Graves Registration people like myself who saw it everyday, myself, for every day for eleven months in WW II in the European Theater of Operations.  We handled over 75,000 bodies of dead soldiers---American and German---while initiating seventeen temporary cemeteries in France, Belgium and Germany. I know the High Price of Freedom==first hand. A tough job for me!  I was eighteen and nineteen years old weighing 112 pounds.  A skinny nervous kid!