Our meeting practice allows for fifteen minutes for members and guests to socialize before the meeting is officially called to order by the president.  We then sing O Canada while watching and listening to a version selected by PE Leon for that week.  We have the choice to sing together or to mute our mics so only individuals can hear own sweet voices.  Thus was the case this week.
Since we’ve been muting our mics, we all are in sync and in tune.  Amazing.
     Wayne read the weekly announcement from the Rotary Foundation. 

How did the Rotary Foundation get started? Our guest speaker was Dan Donkers from the Gateway of Hope (see photos).  Dan thanked us for the funding to fight COVID, our special district grant which purchased plexiglass barriers and face masks, and told us about program delivery during the pandemic.  Social distancing has affected sleeping and eating arrangements in their building.  Many more take-out and delivered meals are featured now.

     We also heard from Patricia Cruz about the severe hardships faced by many families in El Salvador due to natural disasters.  Through seniorlink individuals are able to provide assistance for people whose lives have been disrupted by storm Amanda (see photos).
     Happy and sad dollars and a toast to Canada concluded the meeting. For more photos please visit July 30, 2020.