The 2019 Annual Malibu Rotary Club Middle and High School Singing Competition was held May 1 2019 at Malibu High School. Pictured L to R are the high school division winners in the 2019 competition,  Claire Anneet first place, Camille Anneet  second place and Gina Marcellino third place. .



Chair of the event was  Teresa LeGrove Cherkas. Judges included Ryan Corn, John Watkin, Linden Ashby,  and Celleste Dumouchel.  Musical Director was  Krysta Sorensen  Choral Director at Malibu HIgh School.  Accompaniest was  Pianist Joellen McNaughton and Master of Ceremonies was Ted Silverberg.

*Middle School Competition Results:

3rd Place winner SOPHIE REGAN
2nd Place winner LAUREN REED
1st Place winner ORNELLA WOLF

*Malibu High School Competition Results:

3rd Place Winner GINA MARCELLINO
2nd Place Winner CAMILLE ANNEET
1st Place Winner CLAIRE ANNEET

16 students from Krysta Sorensen middle and high school choral classes. It is always hard for the panel of judges from the music industry to  score student performances because all the students display so much talent. In addition to the plaques that  were given to each winner cash awards of $200, $100, and $50 that were given
 to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place  finishers in both the middle school division and the high school division.
More information and pictures of this event can be seen on the Rotary Club of Malibu facebook page at the following link: