ImageThe Malibu Rotary Club again sponsored the Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless  on November 21st at Webster School  the week before Thanksgiving in conjunction with the SOS group (Standing On Stone), which serves weekly dinners there along with other services.  

Voluteers in kitchen (above Left to Right):
Anne de Brouwer, Cindra Raineri, Maggie Luckerath, Martha Templeton, Bill Wishard, Griselda Espinoza, David Zielski, David Espinoza, Hubert Luckerath, Crystal Soufer (picture by Frank Lamonea)
Maggie chaired event for Malibu Rotary Club and supervised the kitchen crew.


Image(L to R) David Baird and Maggie Luckerath of the Malibu Rotary Club.

SOS is headed by a group of volunteers headed by Daniel and Hollie Packman.  The group tries to transition local homeless people off the streets and into purposeful lives. Maggie Luckerath coordinates food services for the Malibu Rotary.  The Malibu Rotary Club sponsors the annual thanksgiving dinner, supplying, cooking, and serving dinner, to over 200 people.