Posted by John Elman on Feb 13, 2019
2019 Pepperdine Rotaract Club President Reem Al Zubair from Oman and Pepperdine Rotaract board members Sherry Yang from China and Jessie Bolton who is from Texas (L to R) attended the Malibu Rotary Club meeting February 13 2019 to share their activities with the Malibu Rotary Club members. Speaker at the meeting was MJ. Ni. ilknur Tekin, Ph.D, who in 1990's was president of Karakoy Rotaract Club in Istanbul, Turkey.  MJ is holding a diagram of Kundalini yoga meditation techniques, which she shared with the group during her talk. To the right is Teresa LeGrove Cherkas,  the Malibu Rotary Club Youth Director and Malibu Rotary Club President-Elect.  Both the Pepperdine Rotaract Club and the Malibu Rotary Club, as well as Rotary International, thrive in drawing on ideas from people from all over the world.