For a tutorial about navigating this Malibu Rotary  ClubRunner website written by Web Administrator John W Elman click more--->.

I will divide this discussion into two parts:

1. The Front End (the public non-secure site)

2. The Back End (the private secure site).


 The Front End (the public non-secure site)


The Front End (public non-secure) part of is the very large home page, which everyone sees when they type or copy into their computer browser's address bar when connected to the Internet.  Whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or your mobile phone browser you should be able see The Front End home page the same way when connected to the Internet.  It is accessible to everyone in the world without special login, membership, handshake, or hidden link.  It is the club billboard out there for public view. 

The top, left, and right margins of the home page have multiple links to web pages both on the ClubRunner site, and many other websites.


You can think of the left and right margins as two of three columns down the page, with the center column being wider, with narrower columns on either side.


There are headlines, pictures and stories down the center wider column.  The top story in the center column is Next Malibu Rotary Meeting. This will always show where and when the next Malibu Rotary Club meeting will be, and if a speaker is scheduled who the speaker is and the topic.


The second story in the middle column welcomes visitors to the site, talks about the Malibu Rotary Club, and also has a link to Adobe Reader.  Most people have Adobe Reader in their computers, but to see and download PDF (Portable Document File) documents on this web site you need to have Adobe Reader. The link provides the latest free Adobe download just in case your computer does not have the proper program.


The left column has links, divided into several sections. The top section of links are Rotary Links, starting with a link to the Rotary International website. The next section has Club Links. I have included here links to the local Malibu papers, City of Malibu, Chamber of Commerce and other online news websites. 


There is a link to our Rotary District 5280 web site in the light blue bannerat the top of the center column above the stories.


The right column or margin starts with a listing of current club officers.  If you click on the name of any club officer it will open the e-mail program installed on your computer and start  an  e-mail directed to that club officer.  Although it does not show the e-mail address of the club officer, you can figure out what the club officer's e-mail is in this part of the site, but no other personal information is revealed about any club officer or member here or anywhere on the front end public view part of the website-no phone numbers or addresses.  This personal information can  only be seen by logging into the roster located in The Back End private secure part of the website. 


Below the listings of current officers is a yellow divider entitled Downloads, and below that are links to PDF archives of each Malibu Rotary Club Surfwriter newsletter since January, 2009.  Each week's edition is listed in descending order by date. Although public  Downloads has primarily been used for Malibu Rotary Club Surfwriter archives, it could also be used to store downloadable forms, such as application forms for membership or for events.


Within the dark blue horizontal ribbon across the top of the page are several links. Two of these are especially important-Calendarand Speakers. Speakers lists future Malibu Rotary Club speakers.  Calendar is perhaps the most important link on the site.  It not only lists speakers, but other events as well.  And while Speakers reveals future speakers Calendar lists both future and past speakers and events. You see in the Calendar when Malibu Rotary Club sponsored Thanksgiving Dinners with SOS in the last couple years, when Malibu Rotary Music Competitions were held, and also important District events like when RI President spoke and when District conventions were and will be.  If you wanted to know who spoke at the club on a certain date, you can scroll back months on the Calendar until you find the person or event in question, and then find the Malibu Rotary Club Surfwriter written on that date or slightly after, and find an article and pictures about the person or event downloading the PDF file of that issue of the newsletter on the right column of the home page.


2.       The Back End (the private secure site).

The Back End (the private secure) part of the ClubRunner site can only be accessed by those people who have been given login rights to the site.  All regular and honorary Malibu Rotary Club members have been given login credentials, consisting of an ID and password.  Both of these have been assigned to you, and because this article can be seen by the public your password is not going to be shown here.  But if you are a member, your ID is the initial of your first name followed by your last name (with no space) and the ClubRunner ID for Malibu Rotary " 2529".   The ID cannot be changed, but you can change your password.  If you don't know what your Login ID and password are contact me.


The Login is done on the Front End public home page by clicking the yellow Login at the top right blue section. It will immediately transfer you from the Front End to the Back End and open the Admin page 

It is in this section of the ClubRunner site, using the links on the Admin page, that you can access information about all the regular and honorary club members and update your own information, including biography and picture   Not everyone can get into all the sections of the admin page, it depends on your assigned access, but all members can get into the very important section on the upper left called My ClubRunner, which allows all members to see the other members contact information including picture, and their membership status.    If you need help navigating the ClubRunner site there is a Help link on the top right blue bar at the top of all the ClubRunner pages.  Clicking Help will give you access to the Club Runner Support Center which goes into depth on navigating, editing, and adding content to the website.    Your access level shows what you can do on the website, what changes, what additions you can do based on your "level of access."  In general when new members join the club they are assigned access 70 Member.  As the site administrator I have access level 30 Site Administrator. I have decided to assign access level 40 Club President to all the members of our club who are Past Presidents, plus the President-Elect and the treasurer.  This means that most members of the club have access level 40.  You can see your access level by logging into the site, and in My ClubRunner, click on the first item Edit My Profile and go to the Index tab called Settings.  In Settings you can view your access level and change your password if you chose to. The other index tabs in    Edit My Profile are Personal, Rotary, Biography, Commitments, and Privacy. Even the lowest security access level code we have as club members, 70 Member, can get into Edit My Profile to upload a resume, and add or delete information about his or herself.  In addition all members can use the Email Message Center of ClubRunner located in the My ClubRunner section.  Here you can send e-mails to all the other regular and honorary members of the Club, as well as any and all Club Presidents, Predient-Elects  and secretaries in the district. Our members with access level 40 can see and do more on the ClubRunner site, including viewing and editing other members profiles, post stories and events on the website and more.  After each meeting I post the attendance of members in the site and at the end of each month with the click of a button this information is posted to the district.  Members are encouraged to check attendance records and also post makeups.  All this can be done in the MyClubRunner section.

In addition to the publicly accessible documents available in  the   front page Downloads section, there is a section in  the secure Back End Section of  the site to ViewClub Documents. It is located in  My ClubRunner section and can be viewed by all members of the club after login. I have only recently started to use this download section,  and it is the place where Board of Directors reports and other documents are stored that are for members eyes only, and not for public consumption.  Anyone with level 40 access can add download documents to either the front public section or secure ViewClub Documents.  To add a document to the ViewClub Documents click on the ViewClub Documents link in the MyClubRunner section. This will open a list of current documents available. Click on "add" button on top to upload file.

The Malibu Rotary Club ClubRunner website is in a constant stage of flux.  So far few members have used it except for me.  I encourage members to post events, and use the site for club activities.